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Astrology – A Passion For Knowledge?


Some of the hobbies and interests of people can be strange because , first of all, they are marked by their own personality. However, not few are the people who start each day by reading the horoscope and by attempting to unravel the mysteries and clues of zodiacal signs. So, astrology is not a passion quite as rare as it would seem at the first glance, but on the contrary, it can be considered a very popular and also interesting hobby.

What does astrology represent?

Before drawing the characteristics of astrology as a hobby, it is important that each of you to know briefly this field so interesting and so mysterious. Astrology is primarily a science; etymologically speaking, “astrology”, derived from the Greek word where “astron” means “star” and “logos” means “science”, thus the science or the study of stars. But even if, above all, astrology is considered a science, it is influenced by many beliefs and symbols that differ from one culture to another.

Since ancient times people took a special interest in the heavenly bodies, in the manner these were positioned, how they moved and, more importantly, how they affected the surrounding environment and how they affected them as individuals. Even if, as we mentioned before, belief systems differ from one culture to another, in the most part, the roots of astrology are the same.

Many people confuse astrology with astronomy. Even if the areas are similar, astronomy is the science of how the cosmos is governed, or better said, the relationship between celestial bodies and events that happen outside atmosphere. Along with astrology, astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, given that people have always been attracted by the mysterious cosmos.

Heavenly bodies have represented since ancient times a mystery to people on Earth, their positions being interpreted in ways more or less different from one culture to another. Scientists believe that astronomy dates back to the moment when people began to realize the influence of stars on the cycle of nature, so that they could be able to define seasons. Over time there were found inscriptions representing moon phases and their influence on the nature as well as the positions of stars, these inscriptions dating back over 25,000 years ago. It seems incredible but in Antiquity any activity was influenced by how the stars were interpreted, from agricultural practices to organizing certain events. Thus, people have become aware of the energy that the solar system has on us since ancient times, so that calendars have been organized since ancient times also by interpreting the stars.

Also in Antiquity  the first zodiacs appeared; it is assumed that the Babylonians were the first to have divided the sky into 12 equal segments, each segment being attributed a sign. These zodiacal signs are met even today and they are assigned to each one of us depending on the day we were born. Ancient astronomers noticed that some celestial bodies were following their precise trajectory that repeats at a given time. Moreover, the fixed position of a star was determining an energy that had an effect on events that were to happen on Earth.

It is true that the interpretation of the stars has become an activity increasingly popular in many cultures, for the astrology to become a science in the true sense, but interpretation of the stars is not an easy task and requires much study. It is interesting that most scientists, philosophers and historians, enlightened minds throughout the whole history, also practiced astrology.

Moreover, astrology had a great impact on the evolution of the world. The most famous astrologer from the history of this great science is Nostradamus, which is said to have predicted many events, in the opinion of many experts, that truly happened or that will happen. It is assumed that many historical, social and economic events were influenced by the stars.

Although, according to astrological rules, the moment we are born is recorded in the “Heavenly Clock”, being a very important moment that will influence our earthly existence, increasingly more people have become skeptical about the astrological forecasts. On the other hand there are many people for whom astrology is a true passion, a passion which they treat very seriously.

Astrology – a passion for the stars

The passion for astrology is not limited at all in the daily consultation of astral forecasts. The passion for astrology is more than that and it primarily means knowledge. Even if this activity is a simpler form of this science, astrology regarded as a hobby is quite complex and has many benefits, as well as any other hobby.

Passion for astrology occurs among people who truly believe the stars can influence our life and learn how this is indeed possible. Astrology lovers will never hesitate to document and investigate this area, even if to an inferior level to that of  specialists. Astrology enthusiasts believe that this discipline is the best method of self-knowledge, given that the moment of childbirth can say so much about a person. It is true that sometimes things do not match, but with a deeper documentation and through networking the terrestrial components with the celestial one, things seem to take shape.

Besides the fact that through discerning the mysteries related to their own personality astrology enthusiasts can learn so many things, they can learn a lot about the persons around them from the simple knowledge of the birthday. Moreover, astrology lovers can learn things concerning everyday relationships with important people or events taking place, astrology representing a key to understanding the surrounding world.

Astrology regarded as a hobby is a very interesting activity, but for some people it is a concept shrouded in mystery. As we said earlier, there are skeptical people who do not believe in astral projections and also persons who riticize those whose passion lies in understanding the links between terrestrial and the cosmic elements. Passion for astrology can be downright amazing considering that, in some cases, the effects that constellations, planets, sun and moon have on people let us speechless.

Astrology enthusiasts have to learn about all branches of this science in order to really understand what it really means, because, again, astrology was practiced and understood in different ways from one culture to another. Any person fond of astrology that wants to find out what he really is destined to do, must realize the so-called “birth chart”, representing the alignment of the stars at birth. Knowing the four essential elements that make up the universe: water, fire, air and earth is another important aspect for astrology lovers.

Although there are many voices against this field of activity and research, astrology regarded as a hobby can only have advantages. It represents a unique, relaxing and interesting leisure, it is an educational activity through which fans will discover a lot about the world around us and about the entire universe. It was found out that astrology enthusiasts are more optimistic and they cope more easily with everyday problems. Astrology lovers say that this passion helps them make their life easier, even though astral projections are not always looking good for them.


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