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Astrology And The Ascendant


You must have heard about the astrological ascendant many times by now. Do you know what it is? Well, it is that something which differentiates us people. It shows us which our real face is and it helps us camouflage when we come into contact with other people. It helps us realize how to react naturally to certain urges. Also, it must be seriously taken into account because, besides the sign, it represents us. Its importance begins to be shown at the age of 25-30 years old, since it is present in the sign until that age. All of us should know our ascendant because it helps us find the answers to some essential questions and at the same time it helps us know ourselves better. It can be calculated for any of us: the time and place of birth is extremely important.


They were born to be leaders. They like leading crowds because they have a brilliant vision on future. They are communicative people who always say what they think. They don’t like to hide and they do take responsibility. Competition is always present in the lives of those having the ascendant in Aries because they love to be in the centre of attention and also to be always busy with activities they enjoy.


They are people who like stability and harmony. They do not have great expectations from life, but they are content having a family and a house. They have fixed ideas and they hardly give them up. They do not like being contradicted and they can grow to be stubborn. They are appreciated in the social life because they make themselves pleasant wherever they go.


People with the ascendant in Gemini are very curious and ambitious and they like doing more than one thing at a time. They like listening to quality music or to paint. They are inclined to art, to beauty. From an intellectual point of view, they are extremely intelligent, but when they want to point out a mistake, they do it in a severe manner.


They are shy people who do not like being the centre of attention. They like taking care of everyone around them and when they don’t have someone to protect, they feel lonely and sad. People with the ascendant in Cancer don’t show who they really are in society, but they camouflage themselves, they hide in a shell. Understanding them may turn them into the most trustworthy friends.


For them, the position in society is extremely important. The higher you are, the more respected you will be and you will enter different influent circles. They like to lead and being in the centre of attention. They are sincere and determined people, on whom one can rely in any circumstance. People with the ascendant in Leo are optimistic and very ambitious.


They are those who analyze everything: from the way the table is set, to the dust on the TV, nothing escapes their attention. They like over-thinking things and they are extremely attentive to details. They are slightly emotive and they don’t like being the centre of attention. Leadership was not made for them. They feel more comfortable executing than leading.


Those who were born with the ascendant in Libra may consider themselves lucky. They easily communicate with the people around them and they have a distinct finesse (they know when to talk and when to listen). They consider clothes and jewelry very important. They love winning and they are poor losers. They relax listening to music or going out in the nature.


They are people who attract everything around them: from people to events. They have more than one face in society and they don’t let people in. Those with the ascendant in Scorpio are tough people for whom a middle way never exists. They always do what they like, what they want and they don’t give up until accomplishing their goals.


They love being free and they cannot stand rules. They have sense of humor and they easily make friends and are extremely energetic. Their jokes always cheer up the atmosphere. Even if they are not in a good mood, their energy is contagious. They love travelling and adventure is part of their lives.


People with the ascendant in Capricorn are isolated people who do not like to communicate. They avoid talking every time they find themselves in a community. They are just people and they can go very far regarding their careers. They always plan their steps and they will never be caught unprepared.


They are those who try to keep the balance in a family. They are calm, peaceful people who like having a stable situation in all domains of life. They are curious and they permanently want to be one step ahead of the others. People with the ascendant in Aquarius get upset very quickly and they constantly tend to give advice. They like being inventive and occupied.


They are romantic people, day dreamers who mostly live in an ideal life and they sometimes forget to go back to the real one. They are defines as shy and they isolate themselves quite a lot. They don’t like to be the centre of attention, not even with one opinion. When they think they’re right, they don’t give up.


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