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Astrology: Myth Or Reality?


The credibility of this science – that relies on studying the movement of the heavenly bodies and realizes predictions on the future – has always been controversial, especially regarding the authenticity of the predicted information. Is astrology a myth or reality? Until establishing, or at least compromising, a short history of this science is absolutely necessary.

This way, the phenomenon named “astrology” has been present since the times of the Maya and Inca – peoples who attributed distinct qualities that had the power of influencing the events of their lives to plants such as Venus, Mercury or Mars. After this science was implemented in the conscience of humankind, throughout centuries it has been developed, its understandings have started being perceived by the majority of the population, spreading its principles all over the globe.

Astrologic predictions may be seen as a myth or as a reality. Regarding this, astrology may be seen as a reality when it describes the general characteristics of a person according to the sign they have. This way, it probably happened to you to ask a person you barely know: “Aren’t you a…?” only by seeing certain behavioral reactions you are familiar with. You are surprised when your suspicion is confirmed, which strengthens your faith in astrology – at least from this point of view.

In order to exemplify, you have surely observed the overflowing energy of the Aries; the seriousness and calm of the Taurus; the Gemini’s sense of humor and the desire of being the centre of attention; the warmth and devotion of the Cancer towards their loved ones, especially for the members of their families; the immeasurable arrogance and happiness the Leos spread around them; the meticulousness of Virgos; the Libra’s sarcasm and intelligence; a Scorpio’s acid commentaries; the adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius; the apparent detachment of the Capricorns; a Virgo’s independence; the accentuated sensitivity of Pisces. Of course that in addition to these, there are other relevant characteristics and features that depend on other factors like education, background, entourage etc.

However, these general descriptions of defining features of each sign confirm the idea according to which astrology is a reality. In addition to these relevant features, there is also the ascendant each person has, calculated according to the date and time when they were born – ascendant that may have a significant influence on someone’s behavioral reactions.

On the other hand, astrology may also be seen as a myth, especially since it particularizes all these aspects and astrological phenomena through which it realizes daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly predictions. It is impossible that, for instance, all Capricorns will have substantial winnings in October. Although at the moment of the prediction astrology doesn’t guarantee the truthfulness of the described events – leaving space for a certain margin of error, easily noticeable by the lack of details – it continues to rely on these predictions and it manages to develop a faith in people according to which the events in their lives are determined by the planets’ position or by certain astral phenomena.

The fact that astrology is seen as a reality by certain people – when they should treat it as a myth – is due to the necessity all of us have to believe in something beyond our own forces of not accepting responsibility and give the events of our lives external causes. Although there is the right to free will, it may sometimes become a burden and, in this case, astrology as a reality helps increase the self-esteem of those who believe in its predictions.

Myth or reality, astrology is present in the lives of all of us!


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