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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Astronomy Software – Voyager


The astronomy software named Voyager, produced by the Carina Software company, allows observing the wonders of space and much more, being created for astronomy enthusiasts, both the amateur and the professional ones. Carina is the company which, since 1987, has been offering high-level software in the field of astronomy, being a true leader in the field.

Voyager 4.5, the latest version of software, is one that provides many options for monitoring the sky in the form of tables called “web-friendly sky charts” that you can easily export into databases with names of stars as a support for the telescope. Voyager provides the most satisfying experience of monitoring stars from the comfort of your home.

Compared to version 4, version 4.5 brings many improvements –the codes for drawing the planets, the suns and solar circles are completely rewritten, including now the special effects perspective, complex spins, adding extra shine to the stars, making them seem more realistic and natural. With these improvements, the Saturn Suns’ shadows are now visible and there is also the option named “astronaut’s-eye view” – making an observation from an astronaut’s perspective from the International Space Station.

The new improved astronomy software brings to light several 360 degree panoramas of the horizon in order to make the astronomy sessions more credible and as interesting as possible. These views can be created individually, depending on each user’s preferences – the Fagaras Mountains, a gorgeous beach in Hawaii, a lonely road, a Norwegian fjord or your backyard, all you want is available, if you choose to.

Another very interesting option is represented by the digital sky monitoring – hundreds of high resolution images, objects in space and stellar tables, graphs of the celestial vault. Among the new images, the DSS2 type are included as well, with hundreds of stars, clusters, galaxies and nebulas added, which will take your breath away with their well highlighted contours and clear symbols.

Voyager offers very realistic renderings of stars, the program allowing a very high quality of stellar models and realistic models based on CCD stars, so one can adjust their size, intensity, shape (circular, classic star shape). You can also filter the stars in a myriad of ways – depending on the spectral luminosity class and you can add titles to each star, depending on the specific name, catalogue number, the Greek letter that corresponds to it and many other options .

Voyager offers a very tempting option which is called Go-To telescope, along with intensive support that the software offers for other types of telescopes like iOptron SmartStar, Takahashi Temma, Orion Sirius / Atlas / IntelliScope and ServoCAT Argo Navis and the latest types of telescopes from Meade and Celestro. Tools and buttons are very intuitive and easy to use with pop-ups that appear every time you select an area of the horizon in order to provide just enough details to the astronomy enthusiasts.

In terms of technical support, Voyager is very friendly, offering many options through which astronomy enthusiasts can find help whenever they need it. Besides the many sections of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), users are provided with tutorials, video and written, telephone support, email support and an user group for discussion and communication. When they purchase the software, users get a user manual, clear and very organized, available in the PDF format, included in the price of the software.

Voyager, in its 4.5 version offers its users all the tools necessary to monitor the sky with all its aspects. Voyager falls into the category of successful astronomy software through the added options and tools, the improved telescopes controllers and the intensive support. Voyager 4.5 is able to reproduce the earth axis and the movements of stars and planets very accurately, also being able to extrapolate the position of the moon and planets with a range of 500,000 years – both in the past and the future. The software supports the Jewish, Islamic, Indian, Persian and Maya calendars so that you can very easily find the dates that mark the beginning of Islam months.

Using Voyager, you can also determine the date the Mayan calendar predicted for the end of the world, if you are interested in this aspect. With Voyager 4.5,one can import the latest data regarding comets and asteroids, in order to predict their precise positions.


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