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Blogging – Hobby Or Business?


What is blogging?

Blogging comes from the word “blog” or “web log” which in English means personal journal published on the Internet. Some blogs are designed for a specific topic, while others contain different items, depending on the preferences of the  blogger. All blog posts appear in reverse order, the first being the last blog post written so that those who follow a blog can be updated with it, because this  is considered a personal journal.

But not always posts are related to the person who owns the blog. Bloggers can address issues that are more or less different being presented from a personal point of view. Although many people have a blog, not all are equally interesting. To be attractive as a blogger, one has to be talented. Yes, it takes very much talent for the post, regardless of the topics chosen, to be interesting. Originality and creativity are key words that characterize any blog. Some blogs can be considered a true form of artistic expression, especially if writing blends harmoniously with the photo or any other art.

The short history of blogging

The term “weblog” was used by Jorn Barger for first time, who would become the best known blogger in the history of this activity, on December 17th, 1997. The short form, “blog” was first used by Peter Merjolz who made creatively the  word “weblog” into “we blog” in April 1999. Also during this period the terms “to blog”, translated “write on a blog” and “blogger” – person who has a blog were used.

Modern blogs evolved from a simple online journal to a real custom page. Moreover, evolution and the use of Internet technology worldwide has made the popularity of blogging skyrocket. The popularity of blogs has increased as a result of political impact, this issue is very often approached by personal blogs, especially in 2002.

Since 2004, blogs have started to become very “trendy”, the range of topics being increasingly wider, politics dominating, followed by other interesting topics. Blogs have had and still have a great impact on mass media, many of the bloggers commenting on news, events and other events from a personal point of view. The blog platforms  are numerous  and choosing the right platform is purely subjective. Blogosphere is the total number of blogs and authors, their total number in 2011 was going over 164 million.

Blogging – an innate passion

As we said in the previous lines, to manage a successful blog, the imagination and creativity are two very important elements. The author of a blog must have innate talent to express opinions on certain issues, as well as feelings and emotions, being aware that what he writes on his blog can be read by anyone. If you believe that your have an innate talent for writing and want to share your experiences with opinions from around the world,  the start of a blog is an important step towards a very interesting hobby. The advantages of this activity are numerous and we list some of it in the following lines:

  • Having a blog means you spend time in a unique and useful method. Each blogger is free to choose which field to discuss or simply addresses several issues. This is the charm. We said earlier that the blog can be easily considered a means of artistic expression, considering that this  online “diary” represents the creation of the blogger.
  • The community of bloggers or “blogosphere” is very rich so, to have a blog is to make new friends with whom you share the same passion. Moreover, given the diversity of topics on various blogs, watching friends’ blogs you will find new things, and they will learn to turn things interesting. Often actors, bands, singers and even writers prefer personal blogs through which they communicate with the fans. Blogging is an interesting way to express your own opinions and form personal opinions on different situations. Through a blog you can improve certain skills, especially those related to communication, vocabulary, whichimproved considerably. People who own forums have much better communication skills and can communicate more fluently.
  • The bloggers can address issues  more or less different so that they can express their view on news or information they hear or read from various sources, about books they read, they movies, concerts were they participate and the list goes on forever. The kitchen passionate people will share with everyone special recipes, the photography passionate publish their original photos on the blog, and the fashion fans will come up with ideas or creations. Blogosphere is a free community where fans are free to express their opinion without any problem.

Blogging is not an expensive hobby. Today, almost everyone has internet access, some platforms are offering free hosting for blogs. One of the great advantages of blogging is that this passion can be transformed into a great deal. It is very simple but specialized bloggers can earn money from postings and from the number of visitors to the blog. The passion for blogging does not have major disadvantages, but one of the disadvantages is the time that every blogger should grant writing and the responsibility in some comments.

So, it’s never late to create a blog, especially if you feel that you have all the skills that are necessary and want to share with the whole world the topics that interest you. To ease your work, in the next lines will find here some small tips to walk with confidence on the road of this special activity :

Select an attractive title for your blog so to attract more visitors. Try to avoid names like those of competitors and be creative. The success of a blog is influenced by the aesthetic side of it so try to choose an interesting theme and background images to match the topics chosen.

  • Select a topic you have mastered very well and that you like.
    • Create your own and original style of writing. Before starting to post realize a small plane.
    • Each item should be different and attractive; to write a blog involves dedication and passion and should not be something forced. It is well that the first paragraph of each post to enter keywords and the main topic that is going to debate. Write short and to the point and try to bring out important elements.
    • Try to post on the blog at least once a day.
    • Promote your blog on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc).
    • Try to get as much feedback so that you can evaluate the blog. Communicate as much with those who visit your blog and post your comments.


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