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Body Changes During The Pregnancy


To prepare yourself for the pregnancy time you must know the changes the body faces during this period as some of them might take you by surprise. It is true that some of them are well known such as the morning sickness but there are other reactions that appear all of a sudden, subtle and so less known.

If you wish to become a mother it is advisable that you know everything about what to expect during the pregnancy and after the moment of the birth. It is a beautiful period but some of the changes may be even annoying! This is why you must read materials that inform you about these changes, as it is useful!

Even more, try to find out more about the topic, talk to the doctor who can make clear to you the causes and effects of these changes. These are of physiologic and even psychological and emotional nature and you must be prepared for all these. You must know that these signs may or may not appear as every pregnant woman has her own physical and psychological symptoms.

Which are the actual changes?

  • Urination and constipation. During the period of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester it is a normal thing to have the constant feeling of urination due to the pressure the uterus puts on the urinary bladder. Also in this period you can suffer of constipation which is another normal reaction. You can diminish the effect of the later one by drinking as much liquid as possible and with an alimentation based on fruits and vegetables.
  • Fatigue. During this period, you have to take a rest on a constant basis, more than usual because if you don’t sleep the needed eight or nine hours per night the body needs you might feel too tired to be able to do the things you have to. This is another normal reaction, no need to be afraid! It is necessary to keep away from overstressing yourself and if it is possible, try to sleep more or even to add one extra hour at the mid day nap( in case you have a break at the office).
  • The breasts. One change which is usually more welcome: the increase in the breast volume. They become tighter but at the same time more sensitive at the touch. They prepare for the breastfeeding period. The areoles can change their colour and the nipples will be harder. You must make sure they are well sustained in order to avoid them being irreversibly changed after the birth.
  • Sickness. If we think of the most visible and at hand changes that happen during the pregnancy, most probably the best known change and annoying enough is the morning sickness. Usually, this happens during the morning hours but it is not abnormal to appear at any moment during the day especially during the first months of the pregnancy. Not all the women face this situations as there are some lucky ones who simply do not experience them. Generally, these unpleasant moments disappear after the first trimester and can even be diminished: by taking care of the food you eat, avoiding the fat, or the spicy aliments, having some snacks such as toast or sticks, even before getting out of the bed.
  • The hair. Yes, it is not pleasant but most of the times, during this period we are talking about or even after the birth, the hair will shed even in an alarming rhythm. Nonetheless this is another normal reaction of the body as the hormones are the ones that establish the rhythm for the growth of the hair and at the same time regulate its elasticity and how shiny it is. But after a period of time, it will shed even more than usual. The hair can even change its shade! No matter how much will it happen, do not worry for this phenomenon, as after a while after the birth moment, it will regenerate and will come back to its normal state.
  • Haemorrhoids and varicose. Talking of the unpleasant changes, probably these next two can win the first prize in the top of the most annoying and unpleasant signs during the pregnancy! The varicose will most probably appear on the legs and the genital area as they are produced by the development in the blood vessels. The best part of this is that they might naturally disappear after the birth moment. On the other hand the haemorrhoids can be painful and even persistent and can appear during the pregnancy as well as during the moment of the birth. They are caused by the blood pressure at the vagina and rectum level. You can avoid the varicose and the haemorrhoids if you avoid standing for a longer time or sitting as well, by doing exercises, drinking water as much as possible and keeping the legs a bit lifted.
  • The skin. The changes that are related to the skin can be sometimes positive: it is about that shine of the pregnant women. So, the skin becomes better irrigated, it breathes easier and the face has a brighter colour. But from the second trimester, there is the likelihood of some unpleasant sign to appear. Just for example: a too pronounced pigmentation, even red spots on the cheeks or on the face in general. You can expect also acne problems but all of them disappear after the birth moment.
  • Joints and legs’ muscles. Your joints will be more fragile, weakened and this is why it is better to take care of the moves you make, as additionally, you can face some cramps at the calves or at the thigh. You can take some calcium pills to diminish these unpleasant symptoms.

But which are the psychological changes, or those that happen at the cognitive level or the emotional one during the pregnancy? 

  • Maternal instinct. Most of the women feel this instinct, the desire to protect the baby, to offer him/her a nest or even to become more “domestic”.
  • The general disposition. Most probably you will face unjustified and all-of-a-sudden changes in the general disposition. They are causes not only by the activity of the hormones but also by the special situation you are in. You can be happy at a certain moment so that, without reason, without signalling it, the next moment to cry. These bad thought are not abnormal either: it is normal to face this spirit of sadness but take care and pay attention to their frequency! If depression strikes and you have more than often negative states, even morbid, as well as troubles sleeping, talk to the doctor.
  • The libido. Also due to the action of the hormones and to the blood circulation which intensifies during this period, the genital organs will be more sensitive and can make you more excited than usual with a high sexual appetite. It is not a problem to have sex if your principles permit you to do this during the pregnancy period. If you do not have any problem and the doctor says it is perfectly safe, you can still enjoy a sexually active life even during this period.
  • The intellect. A bit uncomfortable, but you must know that you will be less intelligent, spiritual or efficient! The perception capacity, as well as that of choice, to analysis, concentration and the memory, have a lot to suffer during this period. You can feel overstressed and incapable of concentrating even on the simplest activities. Similarly, most probably you will forget many things but these all are not reasons to be afraid. This reduced brain activity is temporary, so once the baby is born, you will recover from this point of view too.


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