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Friday, June 14, 2024

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Business Conflict Mediation


Business conflict mediation has become a very popular tendency to solve problems from both sides, during the last decade. In most of the cases, the help of a mediator is asked only if there is no other way of solving the problem.

Concerning the business mediation, it can be used for internal conflict solving as well as for the external ones. Often the conflicts are caused by the ones who don’t find themselves listened to, understood or appreciated for the work. In these situations, a mediator can exactly establish what the root of all evil is in this case and, depending on it, he can bring solutions to be implemented in an efficient way so the conflict diminishes and then disappears. The mediator has a great advantage, the one of being unbiased and has no emotional implication in solving the conflict. Besides this, the mediator has the necessary education to keep a calm, relaxed atmosphere during the mediation hours with the two parties in dispute. This way, their problems are going to be easily solved, as the directly affected ones will take part in this efficient communication process.

Usually, the mediators do everything possible to get to an understanding of the two parts in dispute. They do not want a possible process, where there is only one winner. If the mediation has the expected result, the level of trust of those who were in conflict increases, as well as the respect for the mediator and for the company he works for. Moreover, if we talk about a conflict at work, the morale of the employees as well as the morale of the employers increases, so they will be able to develop the work they were in charge of before the conflict appeared.

More and more people go to the mediator because of the confidential way of solving the business problems. Unlike the court, where all the information is publicly evaluated, in the case of a mediation, the parts have the obligation to sign a confidentiality contract, meant to prevent making public in any way the internal situation that it is going to be analyzed and discussed.

It appears that the companies who implemented a solid system of conflict mediation at work managed to solve over 90% of the problems the company had, without the direct implication of the managers.
Among the most important qualities of a good mediator there are the abilities of communication, the capacity to persuade, as well as the empathy. All these are vital for efficient problem solving inside a company for the sides in conflict.

Another important aspect is that any physical or juridical person can ask consulting from a mediator. Moreover, the parts implied in a conflict can address to the mediator before going to the court as well as during the legal decision making process.

The terms of counseling and mediation are usually mistaken for. In the first situation, the parts negotiate between themselves and establish the best ways to solve the problems, while in the second situation the parts are assisted by an advised person, the mediator, who helps them get to a common denominator.


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