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Business Etiquette In Different Countries Around The World


In this article we will present you some of the business etiquette in different countries around the world. Depending on how you behave and how you dress, you can leave a good impression or, conversely, a poor one, to your bussiness foreign partners.

It is good to know that in European countries, but also in Latin America, both women and men must wear refined suits and stylish and fashionable accessories. Unlike these regions, on the Asias continent and in the Middle East, businessmen are more appreciated if they have a more sober dress and the colors used are the dark ones. Below we will detail this information, pointing out each country.

For example, in Argentina, the more you have a vivid dress, with powerful, sharp colors, the more you will be  in tune with local preferences. It is also advisable to wear such costumes in order to attract attention. On the other hand, you should not feel embarrassed if Argentines will touch you lightly on the shoulder or arm when talking to you. This is one of their customs through which they show respect and appreciation.

The situation is similar in Brazil, the place where  wearing the same bright and attractive colors is a good sign. The people there love to stand out even through the violation of standard rules of behavior, meaning they are much more libertine and more independent than other nations.

If you ever encounter businesses in Japan, then you should know that it is mandatory for you to to accept the Japanese’s invitations to coffee, tea or anything else they would propose to you. Otherwise, you show a lack of respect that will deeply sadden your Asian friends. Also, alcoholic beverages such as whiskey are highly appreciated by people there. Regarding the dress code in Japan, wearing simple clothes in darker colors should be just fine. If you are a woman, it is best to avoid wearing pants, and it’s better to opt for an elegant suit.

In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar, women have to be accompanied by a man during the business meetings. Without a man, the chances of success in what they proposed decrease significantly. Regarding the apparel, both males and females should avoid short clothes or  those that stand out. Traditional costumes are the best suited and they may represent a key to success in bussiness. Also, what you have to remember is that on Fridays, Muslims do not work, because these days are devoted to prayers. Last but not least, avoid friendly gestures, such as subtle touch on the arm and if you are female, do not reach out to a man’s hand when you want to greet him, but expect him to do so first. As for gifts, never give alcohol to Muslims, because to them it may  represent an offense.

In Sweden, businessmen wear formal clothing. The calm and cold attitude of the Nordic people is well known, so avoid too polite and friendly gestures. Try to keep visual contact with Swedes throughout the discussions with them. This is how you show them that you are in control and know exactly what you want. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you, because they will sense it.

The French are a nation for whom it is advisable to have a more reserved attitude because of the unpredictability of their character. You never know when they move from one mood to another, so it’s best to remain calm and cautious in dealing with the business.

Unlike the situation in Muslim countries, if you have a bussiness to solve in Russia, you should know that you may not refuse the drink that the locals offer you in a traditional way. Otherwise, they will perceive the gesture as an insult and most likely you will not be able to maintain a good bussiness relationship with them.


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