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Business Ideas: Growing Strawberries


The business ideas that can make a high profit also include cultivating strawberries. These fruits are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, protein and minerals (manganese, copper, calcium, sulfur, silicon or phosphorus). Among the most important properties of strawberry we include body toning and re-mineralization.

This delays the aging of the body. Also, the fruit acts as a stimulus to eliminate toxins and excess cholesterol from the body. Last but not least, eating strawberries helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system, so are recommended for the anemic or for the insomniacs. Strawberry-based diets are indicated for people infected with hepatitis or other liver diseases.

One of the biggest advantages of this business is that it will bring revenues from the first fruition. Unlike other cultures, where the first harvest is obtained after three or four years, with strawberries comes a very fast profit. Apart from this, it’s also important to know that one can establish multi-strawberry plantations. Also, the fruit can be introduced in crop rotation of vegetables and flowers, as it can be protected in greenhouses. Strawberries ripen in May, just like early cherries. However, protected crops bear fruit a few weeks earlier, enabling merchants to obtain significant revenues from them.

As I said above, these fruits can be grown in greenhouses. Therefore, they can be consumed throughout the year because they have the ability to take advantage of any time, if they are grown indoors and well protected.
Strawberries are some very productive fruits, as they may exceed 20-25 tons per hectare. In terms of classification, they can be divided into several groups. First, we talk about the type which has fruits once a year, in the growing season. Then there is the replacing strawberry, which has fruits in the autumn. Finally, the last variety of strawberry is the multiple fructification, which may take place by mid autumn.

Since there is a high demand for fresh strawberries, their price is higher than those that can be bought in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Below we present some reasons in favor of cultivating strawberries. Perhaps one of the most important things about this business is that you do not need sophisticated equipment or expensive fertilizers. All you need is a land where you can cultivate strawberries. In terms of potential customers that you can have we include wholesalers and owners of supermarkets and hypermarkets, confectioneries or bakeries. Last but not least, the big producers of fruit juices, candy and fruit yoghurt pay good money for fruits cultivated by you.

Neither from the business management point of view this is not very difficult. Labor may be limited, most often family members beingmore than enough to handle all the chores necessary to cultivate strawberries. For each pound of fresh strawberries you get about two to three Euros at the beginning of the fructification and about one euro later.

Raspberries or blueberries sell for more than four Euros. In conclusion, the cultivation of strawberries is a very profitable business and not difficult. These fruits can be easily grown by small landowners in our country and can provide an important source of income for them, but also by large commercial fruit industry. Because they have a small size, strawberries can be planted on small areas, both alone and in combination with other plantations of trees.

Surely you know that all berries are sought both for their fresh consumption and for the opportunity to be processed in different ways (see honey / jam, jelly or strawberry syrup). So the opportunity for profit is worth considering.


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