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Friday, June 14, 2024

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Business Planning Techniques


Unfortunately, nowadays fewer people find the time to properly plan their time. This is why many remain in the same place all the time. Regarding the planning as a businesstechnique, it represents the habit that brings success. And success is not a mere coincidence, but a direct consequence of a plan. Planning involves first of all order, timeline, rationale, objectives and action plan itself.

Given that we live in an age of speed and that change is ubiquitous, business planning is therefore more necessary because we risk being even more falling behind.

As we all well know, Pareto’s principle really works, because only 80% of our actions really lead to 20% of our results, so the more we need to plan. Business planning means going from a place from which we can’t evolve anymore, towards a better one. The consequences of denying the need for planning in business are those of missing serious occasions. We begin to behave uncontrollably, we become what is called “occupied without occupation” and we lose time, energy and money.

Business planning is essential. A manager that went over business planning usually fails. He is not sure of his final purpose and he loses on the road a lot of information. Without this wall of resistance that is in business planning, the other walls fall, becoming useless. A good example of business planning would be to give up all those useless ideas such as asking ourselves some questions like “Where am I now?”, “Where should I be? “, or “How can I get to that point?”.

Considering that business planning involves setting goals, the focused look towards the future is also very important in order to establish the right direction in which we orient. This thing varies depending on where you work and the organization itself. If the field is the one of gifts, it makes sense to target a higher quality, perhaps packaging products. You will find that out when you start business planning, the strategy being to note very well the goals of the company. You can not carry out this thing if you do not believe in what you sell, even more in yourself. A weak person that doesn’t trust herself/himself will never make plans because he knows she/he won’t succeed.

How to plan? Very simple: on paper. But very important in business planning is communicating the information to lower management, although sometimes chances are minimal for all others to act in the same direction.

But because people like to be given the impression that they are offered the chance to collaborate, they will be tempted to move to the next level, because we all know it – without involving everyone in the company, business planning no longer serves any purpose.

After this step, business planning requires new information about the market. After the moment in which the information reached the whole enterprise, it follows the training of the personnel in this direction. It is a process of perfecting that involves the identification of new services and promoting them.

Are you wondering how to plan? For example you are a writer. Business planning involves determining the exact moment when you want to complete your actions (e.g. before Christmas), then after this estimate you accurately set the deadline (for example February 2). So, start looking for the most interesting publishers until October 10, write e-mails to 3-4 of them until November 1 and write an introductory chapter until December 1. Business planning should not be done in a very short time because it requires the allocation of a longer period, for a better evaluation.

In short, making plans is a good thing. But let’s not forget that they can not always work in practice. That is why business planning needs, as we said above, a reserve of time and money for any unpredictable situation. Our writer may for example lose a week because of computer malfunctions.

In conclusion, business planning is a component of this activity in itself. It shouldn’t be seen with fear or skepticism. Resuming the advantages of business planning we get: reasoning in mind, order, chronology, confidence in own actions, minimizing the weaknesses, strengthening the weak points and accomplishment of what we propose. And by business planning we define our goals with clarity and order.


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