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Canary Dog Still Waiting For Recognition

The Canary Dog is one of the Fdration Internationale Cynologiques provisionally recognized Spanish breeds, which is known in Spain since the late Middle Ages. The Canary Dog was created in the Spanish mainland in the late Middle Ages and was a single type of dog, of the functions as a packer for dangerous game (deer, bear, wild boar) and was selected as a war dog, a herding dog for cattle and as a watch and guard dog. This Spanish mastiffs were carried by the conquistadors as war dogs for the conquest of South America. Many of these dogs remained in the Canaries, where they were bred. There, they lost many of their typical tasks such as bullfighting, working as a driver and packer of herds and to hunt dangerous game, so they were almost exclusively used as a guard dogs.

The FCI had reconised the race on 4 June 2001 under the name Dogo Canario or Canary Dog and provisionally accredited. The Canary Dog is a sturdy dog with a shoulder height of 68 centimeters and a weight of 40 kilograms up to 60. The short, harsh, low-maintenance coat is brindle or fawn. Even small white markings and plates occur. The brindle ranges from black to brown and the mask is always dark. The massive skull clearly shows that he is a member of the Mastiff group. He is well build and is very muscular and powerful.

The Canary Dog, traditionally had his ears cropped, but this is now illegal in Germany and many other countries, although there are also a number of cropped copies as to refresh the continental breeding lines and need to be regularly imported to prevent inbreeding depression. The character is compensated as quiet, just called out and with strong nerves. He is considered a good guard, protector, sport dog or family dog. Today the dog is seen primarily as a family pet, watch and guard dog. In addition, he has also established itself as a service dog. In Spain, the Ministry of Agriculture in 2001, said that the Canary Dog breed was recognized by AKC. There still exist arguments starting at the name and standard for the breed from the fact that it is now recognized even at the Canary Dog trade.

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