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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Home Pregnancy


Week 10 Of Pregnancy – What To Expect

 The baby…During the 10th week of pregnancy, the baby is already 4 inches long and his development is extremely fast. Be amazed by the...

The Risk Of Pregnancy In Women Over 35

 There is a real risk in getting pregnant after the age of 35 and you should be aware of it. Sure, nowadays being 35 is...

Week 37 Of Pregnancy. About The Baby …

 In week 37 of pregnancy, the baby measures about 50 cm and weighs about 3 kilos. Since this week, the pregnancy developed and labour...

Toxoplasmosis And Pregnancy

 Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy – toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by the parasite called Toxoplasmosis gondii that affects animals and humans, cats being the host...

Pregnancy And The Emergency Service – When Do We Call The Ambulance?

 Every pregnant woman must learn which symptoms during pregnancy might represent an emergency and when to call the doctor or directly to the emergency...

Gestational Diabetes – A Disease Which Occurs In Pregnant Women

 Gestational diabetes is a disease that affects women during pregnancy. According to surveys, about 2-14% of pregnant women have this form of diabetes. As...

Let’s Think About Pregnancy

 Let’s think about pregnancy: imagine that you will be pregnant tomorrow! Imagine that you hold the positive test in your hand… What will your...

The Rh Factor In Pregnancy

About the Rh factor in pregnancy – one of the most important blood tests at the beginning of a pregnancy regards the Rh factor....

Week 34 Of Pregnancy – What To Expect

 In the week 34 of pregnancy, the baby measures about 46 cm and weighs about 2 kilograms and half. The uterine wall is stretched,...


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