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Chat Software – Yahoo! Messenger


Yahoo! Messenger software is developed by Yahoo! and is an instant messaging client and real-time interaction on the Internet. Users can download it free using Yahoo! ID to benefit from the services provided. Yahoo! Messenger is one of the most popular chat programs, benefiting from numerous advantages compared with MSN Messenger, for example. The software has convinced users with many features and improvements over the years, each time appearing as a previous version and more efficient. The multitude of functions makes it possible to communicate in a dynamic environment and according to everyone’s wishes, the user can choose one of the most pleasant interface provided by Y! M or icons that express different moods. In a time not too long, this phenomenon included a software worldwide. Yahoo! Messenger software was launched on 9 March 1998 under the name Yahoo! Pager. Up to 13 July 2007, when Y! M has partnered with Windows Live Messenger, yet the two were not compatible. It is said that this was the only way that Google’s Yahoo deal, to the extent that it is gaining ground.

However, to meet people via the Internet has become an action rather trivial. Communication barriers were knocked down along with the popularization of this interactive tool to chat, but there are also many disadvantages, especially among young people up to 18 years. They began to spend increasingly more time chatting on Yahoo! Messenger, and now, unfortunately, there is growing such temptations on the Internet. Not to mention the language misspelling which lately has become a phenomenon in itself, outside of the software itself. Each user communicates as he wants and how is at hand, but the problem occurs with misspelling the language, both written speech, and in the mouth. Another paradoxical issue, this time refers to the development of sociofobias namely, a fear of real communication. Usually, young people, rather than socialize more in real life, turn to Yahoo! Messenger to develop relationships. Finally, beyond these problems somewhat normal chat program led, in a sense, the mobilization and other software, as functions Y! I have been among the best.

All who wish to discuss with other users of this software can do without any restrictions. The only necessary step in this regard is sending a simple invitation of the person we want to communicate. The ID of this person will be added to personal list, following it to accept. Yahoo! Messenger chat window allows the date and time appear to send a message. The discussion can be more dynamic by joining some emoticons that mimic different states. Unfortunately, the two users engaged in that discussion should have the same version to see emoticons emerging or at least not to have a chat version of the much older as the other. Also, users can choose a representative avatar of their ID, that is a picture, a picture that it can be viewed by everyone else to add to the list. Besides trhe avatar, you can edit text and a status. In fact, their status is two ways: the first is where each user write their specific text that describes what, where, how it feels so. And the second is the status of a user’s online status can be (logged), offline (mad) or invisible. The user can send messages, regardless of the status. We must not forget that besides messages also files can be sent. They will be loaded via a button on the chat window, although they can be moved with the mouse directly into the program window.

Among other functions of the chat software you mention the audio / video. For example, if we connect to a PC headset with microphone, we can initiate a phone conversation with other users of Yahoo! Messenger. The quality of these calls depends largely on your Internet connection, and its quality. During initial discussions, you can hear echoes, most phrases being intercepted by delays. Fortunately, much of these problems have been corrected. Also, you can leave voice messages on the answering machine and. So-called telephone call can be accompanied by video images transmitted in real time via a webcam. Another option: unwanted users can be blacklisted (Ignore List), so that their messages will be blocked permanently to cancel this command. Y! ID will be deleted, then it will be added to the Ignore List, although you can delete and the following message received from him, you can choose to ignore the user directly through the “Ignore User”, button.


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