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Clothes For Pregnant Women – A Few Tips


  •  At work. At work, where you have a casual and more severe style, focus on the elastic pants, shirts or baby-doll blouses and straight jackets, especially the masculine cut! Baby doll shirts are very beautiful and comfortable for you and cover your tummy, while pointing out the breasts and shoulders.
  •  Evening. What do you do if you need to go to a stylish event, which requires an elegant outfit? Search a black gown from a beautiful material! Gown-type dresses have usually a  generous cleavage (you have what to show), V form, and are very comfortable and stylish. They usually end just below the knee, and black makes you more elegant. And there you have the elegant outfit …
  •  What to avoid. Advice on clothing for pregnant women must take into account also what does not fit. Avoid any clothing that really get in the way, not letting your body breathe, which make you too hot. Avoid, also, clothes that are too tight: let your whole body feel free (that’s why you’re lucky during summer, because you always wear loose dresses which are so beautiful, feminine and cheerful).

Stylistically speaking, it is best to avoid too complicated or large patterns and stripes: the increase visually the silhouette. Not that you should hide – being pregnant is a joy and pride, but making you bigger than you are does not make any sense.

  • The bra. The bra is an important piece in pregnancy. You necessarily need to buy several new models – because your breasts grow and strengthen in preparation for lactation. Find and select models that you feel comfortable – neither too tight nor too loose and to support well the breast (help them not to drop).

When you try on the bra, jump slightly and see if your breasts are good in it! Choose models with wide straps, without wires to bother you and preferably cotton – which leaves your skin to breathe. Do not stay too long without a bra, because breast muscles are very busy and cannot resist!

  •  Shoes. Also your feet are stresses, as they sustain all your weight around! A pregnant woman’s feet can become inflamed very easily, so choose comfortable shoes and loose models, allowing them to recover without leg swelling. You can find even more styles which are  right: for an elegant or office style, look for simple shoes (make sure they will not fit perfectly, but with a larger size).

Otherwise, during various activities, focus on your sneakers and comfortable summer sandals, wide and with loose belts. Do not wear heels – your feet are very stressed and so, in addition, heels alter posture and are not doing well for the back!

  •  Financial resources. The biggest problem for pregnant women is not quite about the need of advice for clothing – every woman could find a nice wardrobe during pregnancy – but the price of these special items! Search more shops (do not forget the on-line ones) and find the best price. But it is best to give weekly a round through the hips and stores to look carefully and – with luck, you’ll find the perfect items for you at a very advantageous price.

If you live in a smaller town where there are no such stores (or you do not the like them), do a run to the nearest big city – transport will be worth the money, because you can find some beautiful items in second hand boutiques.


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