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Collie – Elegance And Intelligence

The Collie originally comes from the highlands of Scotland and is also known as the Scottish Shepherd which is one of the most elegant breeds and difficult to maintain due to their long and silky hair. As any shepherd dog he is a very intelligent animal and easy to train which is a key advantage of this breed. Their temperament is calm and even gentle in comparison with other representatives of his group. Those who had a collie or heard a barking can certainly recognize the barking of a collie – it is characteristically sharp, insightful and can become annoying if not trained properly – so those living in apartment and want a dog should consider this potential problem before deciding.

The Collie is a large dog that weighs 20 to 30 pounds at maturity, where males can reach up to 65 centimeters ( though the ideal height is 55 to 65 centimeters) and female 57 centimeters (ideal 50 to 57 centimeters). The head is elongated, with almost no stop and the muzzle is pointed. The eyes are dark, almond-shaped and slightly oblique and of medium size. The ears are triangular and are carried half way down. A Collie has an elongated body, straight with strong legs and oval feet. The tail is bushy, carried slightly curved.

A Scottish Shepherd coat is long, thick and bushy, forming a rich collar around the neck and "trousers" to the form a hind leaf. On the limbs and the belly it is shorter, and the hair on feet is even shorter. The color varieties, though all accepted standard, are more common in the combination of red, black, red or black, with collar, "cuffs" and the white tail tip.
The Collie is considered to be the top ranked sheepherding dog in the world yet there are still doubts to this. He has a normal diet and there are very few know diseases. We can say that this dog is very resistant. Annual vaccines are still necessary though. The coat needs to be brushed once every few days in order to maintain his elegance. He gets along perfectly with children.

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