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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Common Problems During Pregnancy


  •  Bloating and gas. Common problems in pregnancy – so common, but unpleasant! It is widely expected to be swollen and feel the need to remove accumulated gas … your bowels are slow and the pressure of the uterus does not aid the situation. Besides bloating, cramps are common and even constipation: which is why it is important to pay attention to nutrition. Do not eat too often foods that produce gas: corn, peas, beans, cabbage, cauliflower.
  •  Sweat. Before you may have not had this problem, but be prepared to sweat a lot without effort! Sweat will emerge in areas that did not show signs of sweat before: the belly, face, between the legs … not much to do to get rid of this problem but to use talcum powder and deodorants and to dress in loose materials that do not make you feel like wearing a wet shirt.
  •  Saliva. No, this is not related to strange cravings that can start during pregnancy. Abundant saliva cannot miss as you look at something delicious … It is common to produce, during pregnancy, more saliva than usual – so be sure to have always plenty of napkins with you.
  •  You snore a lot. Your husband has suddenly some dark circles as saucers? It may be because you started snoring a little like a tractor! And this is part of the common problems during pregnancy, but like the rest,  harmless – except for when the husband runs away from home! Nasal mucous membranes are swollen and you breathe more through your mouth. Snoring, occurs, but you can improve the situation: the use of nasal drops, sleeping with the head higher and not face up (on one side) and the use a humidifier in the bedroom (or the trick with a bowl of water placed in the evening on the radiator for moisture).
  • I forgot ... Very often, especially in the second half of pregnancy, you forget even if you shut the door or if you ate (a little exaggeration) … It is a common discomfort during pregnancy to feel you  intellectual capabilities affected and not only that  you start to forget things, but it may also be difficult to concentrate, to pay attention, to perform even simple activities – reading, puzzles, crosswords. Fear not, you will recover ! But be brave to accept this situation for a while. If you start to omit important facts, adopt the habit of writing small list of everything you need to do every day:  you should include all activities, to be sure!


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