The cookies page has the role to inform all the users of the Whatafy website about the method in which we use the cookies, what are these and how can they be deactivated. Keep in mind that these cookies make possible a better and more useful experience on our website. The cookies are used by numerous websites to retain various pieces of information such as the price displayed, the currency, the selected language and so on. Without these cookies many useful things would not have been possible.

What exactly is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple folder of small dimensions, that is stored on any kind of device with an internet access and a web browser. This is created automatically when the browser requires the web server to provide with content the the web page you access. Usually, the name of the folder is a random one made out of letters and numbers. A cookie is not a program, it is a mere folder that can not access data from your hard disk. The cookies do not require any personal data. The validity period of a cookie is determined and it can vary in concordance to the purposes followed. The web server can read these cookies at the next visit and if they have not expired or were deleted the user.

Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies, session cookies and longer cookies. In the case of session cookies, they will be deleted after leaving the website on which you have navigated or after closing the browser. The longer ones will remain stored until they expire or until the user decides to delete them manually. The longer ones are usually used for offering better and more useful commercials?

How do the cookies help us?

One of the most important aspects represents the personalization of the websites after the users preferences. This way it will have a more pleasant navigating experience on the website. The commercials will be better focused on the user, ensuring that he only sees the commercials from his line of interests. Blocking the cookies does not spot a commercial from being displayed.

What cookies do we use?

We use session cookies because the website allows registering the accounts and managing them.

What cookies are there used?

The whatafy website uses GoogleAnalytics to monitor the traffic. This service uses cookies to determine the number of visitors, visits, time spent on the website, the browser used and so on.

Likewise, we sue Google Adsense that uses DoubleClick DART cookies to offer more relevant commercials to our users.

The cookies and security

The cookies are practically harmless because they are only mere folders that store certain data such as the browser used, the time spent on a website and so on, not data with a personal character. Likewise, they are not code sequences, viruses or malware programs that might affect the computer. This does not mean that the cookies can not be used in a negative way. They can be used under the form of spyware because they store the user’s preferences and his history.

How can you deactivate the cookies?

If you choose to deactivate the cookies, keep in mind that this thing can affect you in a negative way, making some websites hard to use or to browse. Remember, refusing the cookies does not mean you will no longer see commercials, they will continue to be displayed, but you will only see commercials that pose no interest to you. Deactivating cookies differ from browser to browse. On the official page of the browser or by simply searching “deactivate cookies” you will find countless tutorials that will definitely help. More details here: