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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Cyberlink Mediashow Software


The Cyberlink Mediashow software is an application that aims to convert one’s video files in a highly efficient and fast manner from one format to another and it proposes to do this through a revolutionary technology called Cuda NVIDIA – a technology which transfers most of the processor’s main core involvement towards the graphic card. This application, which can be purchased for only 40 US dollars (31 Euros) can also upload video files from the computer to one’s iPhone, PSP and even Xbox – all in a very simple process. However, this same software makes a mere DVD burning to be a rather complicate process. This software has one of the most pleasant and interesting interfaces, esthetically speaking, at least in comparison to the ones created until now. Cyberlink Mediashow is incredibly easy to use once the user gets used to the back and forth navigation type through photos, videos and DVDs. The images can be imported and organized almost in an instant and the photo galleries can be created and published on social media in a record interval of only a couple of minutes. This software is ideal for creating slide-shows due to its speed and highly efficient creation process.

As far as the use of the software is concerned, Cyberlink Mediashow is very easy to get familiar with and its installation is also a fast process. The interface of this software is a very interesting and even beautiful and it also includes very handy menus, easy to navigate through and in the moment the user goes with the mouse pointer above an icon – that icon enhances so that the user can see exactly what the role of that particular icon is before selecting it. The software part responsible for the creation of slide-shows is one with shortcuts for the most important options and it also includes share buttons for Flickr or YouTube, as well as options to rotate or apply minimal editing on the photos. The software also provides a preview for the newly conceived photo galleries, an option that the user can use in any stage of the gallery creation process.

As far as the design options are concerned, this software includes the standard options like the possibility of adding new images, transition effects, audio files, red-eye removal, auto brightness, contrast, luminosity and various other effects which can provide a unique aspect to the user’s photos like the sepia effect, matte, soft focus and black and white. It is very important to know that these filters do not alter the image but rather improves it. This software also makes adding audio files to the slide shows to be a very simple process that takes only a few clicks and the software automatically adjusts the audio file’s dimensions in order to perfectly fit to the user’s clip. In comparison to other software solutions with a similar profile, Cyberlink Mediashow has fewer options as far as the audio files editing is concerned but this can be a plus for the beginners that can easily insert and operate with audio files without knowing too many details about editing audio files process, track positioning and other technical details.

A slight disadvantage, however, comes from the fact that this software has no pre-defined templates or graphical elements and has only the capacity to insert texts and titles. Besides these downsides, there is also the one regarding the lack of customizing possibility for the newly created slide shows – as there is no control of the timeline, nor any ability to zoom in or zoom out or the possibility to add multiple audio files and animated text.

As far as the input is concerned, Cyberlink Mediashow can easily import images straight from the hard drive or other storing devices including digital cameras and supports formats like DV-AVI, MPEG1, MPEG-2, DVR-MS and video files like WMV (Windows Media Video – exported through Windows Movie Maker). Also, this software can export content in formats like MPEG-2 and WMV for video files and for images it can export in formats like BMP, JPEG and PNG. The disadvantages on this issues are that this software is unable to export in the most used formats in this day and age like AVI, Flash (FLV) or QuickTime and is also incompatible with the formats used for iPod and iPhone.

As far as the slideshows’ quality is concerned, this software is quite performing, albeit it does not have the capacity to export in HD format. The images are very clear and seem to keep their original quality despite its quite mediocre filters in exporting.

When we talk about tech support, the Cyberlink Mediashow software is highly performing, albeit it’s a very easy-to-use software and tech support seems obsolete. This support can be acquired from the Help and Support section included in the software and from the user’s manual that can be found on the installation CD. Also, one can find quite many online tutorials, discussion forums and FAQ sections where, most certainly, on can find the answer for all the questions he might have with regards to using this software at its full capacity. On the website of the CyberLink company, the user can also find many free updates and a contact e-mail for tech support. The company also offers support via telephone for the Cyberlink Mediashow software but this feature is quite expensive – approximately 30 US dollars (23 euros) for two months.

In conclusion, this software is an extremely easy-to-use software and it’s recommended, especially, for the users that are rather beginners in this field, as this software allows creating slide-shows in a record time without very much trouble and at a reasonable price.


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