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Different Model Ships To Travel The Sea


Every type of model ships is a complex technical construction that requires a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to design and execute it. A ship is a floating complex building with its own propulsion, towed or stationary, that is destined to perform the function of transport and other maritime works and activities. The main model ships are defined below.

The cargo ship for general goods is a propelled ship, designed for transporting various types of dried packed or unpacked cargo and eventually 12 passengers besides the crew. The mixed model ships are propelled, designed for the transportation of various dried packed or unpacked cargo, and passengers, their number being over 12 in addition to the crew. The tanker ship is a ship designed to carry crude oil and oil products. The liquefied gas carrier ship is a ship designed to carry liquefied gases and refrigerated liquefied gases.

The bulk carrier ship for dry cargo is part of the model ships specially designed to transport loads of different weights, deposited directly into storage without prior packaging. The ore ship for dry cargo is meant to transport priori ore or other heavy cargo in a bulk. The grain ship is specially designed for dry cargo and carrying grain in a bulk. Port container ships are specialized ships for transporting containers. The roll-on/roll-off ships with horizontally discharged loads are specialized for transport, on all decks, for vehicles with or without load. The ferry ship is specially designed for the transport of rolling stock of railways and road funds, with or without cargo. And we must forget about the passengers.

The fishing ship is a vessel used only for catching fish, whales, seals, walruses and other creatures of the water and has on board maximum 12 people specialized in processing the catch. Another model of ships is the fish processing vessel. It is used for processing fish and other creatures of the water, taking on board more than 12 people specializing in this domain. The refrigerated ship is specially designed for transporting perishable products at low temperatures, making sure to keep them fresh through the refrigeration or freezing process. The ice breaker ship is a vessel specially built or adapted to crush ice from rivers and seas, in order to reopen blocked basins and water ways. The tug vessel is a ship that is meant to transport through traction or pushing, other vessels or other floating ships. A craft is a special ship meant to carry passengers, parcels and letters or any other vessel that can carry more than 12 passengers.


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