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Do Armadillos Make Good Pets?


The animal kingdom has some unique characters that you can recognize at a glance and the armadillo is one of them. They’re cute and funny and you might want to know do armadillos make good pets?

Just think of you walking down the street with your pet armadillo on a leash or wearing one of those cute sweaters like pet dogs and cats. You would be quite the attention getter with a pet like this armored insect eater. Can you see yourself and other armadillo pet owners holding a contest with your trained creature doing stunts and tricks?

Well, you might want to hold off on that idea because first of all armadillos are indeed wild animals. Unlike cows, dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals, there is no long line of these animals having been tamed by man. That being said it wouldn’t be a good idea to have one as a pet. It isn’t that they wouldn’t make a good pet but that it’s not their nature to be held in captivity. Yes there are some that are pets but animals like these that burrow and live on their own in the wild might not be the same as having to deal with humans, our habits and illnesses.

It would be best then to realize that in most states in the US it is illegal to own an armadillo as a pet but might not be the same elsewhere in the world. Armadillos are burrowing and foraging animals that love to do what they do and to have them penned up in the house or in a cage might bring on problems. If you did want to care for an armadillo you might want to first check with the authorized veterinarians or care facilities that might need volunteers where they care for and can teach you about these creatures.


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