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Doctrine Of Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is a branch of astrology that deals with the interpretation of the horary charts, when a client asks a question to an astrologer in a specific moment or when the astrologer himself asks a question for him. This application of astrology is very popular in the countries with tradition in astrology.

Since ancient times, astrology was used to determine propitious times for certain important actions – for example, for founding a city, for beginning a military campaign, for the official coronation of a sovereign and so on.

Towards the end of the Middle Ages, the English astrologer William Lilly emphasized very much this kind of applications of astrology, based on the idea that any questions may find an answer through astrology. This way, modern horary astrology was born, which uses mostly natal astrology concepts.

Of course, it may seem a speculation the idea that the answer to any question can be deciphered from the stars position when the question is formulated or when the question reaches the astrologer. But do not forget that astrology is a science of metaphysics and one of the basic metaphysical principles is that "Nothing is accidental. The fact that a question is asked in a specific moment and not in another, is closely related to the question and its answer. This premise allows the astrologer to build a theme of the question and interpret it in order to find an answer.

In some cases, the answer can not be given or may give an answer like: "The question is premature," "The question comes too late, the situation is already solved" or even "The situation is too confusing, the answer is out of the reach of Astrology". Sometimes, even if the astrologer can answer it, he may be seriously affected even by the attitude of the person that asks the questions. These cases are rare, however, and in most cases an experienced astrologer in horary astrology can give pretty clear answer to the question.

Practically, anyone can use astrology to find answers to daily questions, but first it is needed a careful study of the discipline and the achievement of an experience in order for the responses to be as accurate and useful as possible.

An example of interpretation of an horary chart is the article "Will Denmark win the match with England?", question asked during the Football World Cup in Korea-Japan in 2002, where horary astrology has offered a very accurate response.

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