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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Exploring Europe – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, a city with plenty of cultural objectives, historical objectives or financial objectives.

As a tourist destination, Amsterdam compete in Europe with big names and capitals like Barcelona, London, Paris or Berlin being a destination that can be visited by all age categories if we look at the main objectives.

Cultural objectives
Considering the number of museums, Amsterdam can be mentioned as one of the most important cultural capital in Europe.

The museums refers especially at history, art, modern art and picture. Names like Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum – contains the Van Gogh's works, Amsterdam Museum ( former Amsterdams Historisch Museum)or Rembrandt House Museum = Rembrandt's works.

Also, here can be visited masterpiece churches such as: Northern, southern, Eastern, western Church.

Attractions for young people
Amsterdam is perceived as permissive city thinking that soft drugs like marijuana, hashish are allowed for personal use only, and also thinking at Red Light District, an area where the prostitution is legally.

In Amsterdam, the sex tourism have been developed seriously considering the variety of sex shops, erotic museums and theaters.

Amsterdam is well known for the canals along the city and a canal boat tour cannot be missed. For the bike lovers a bike tour also cannot be missed in Amsterdam because this is probably the best way to see all the city in detail.

The weather is mild in Amsterdam with mild winters and cool summer, so it can be visited in every period of year. Looking for events, the city is should be visited in June – August when there are a lot of manifestations such as: "Holland festival", "The Amsterdam Roots Festival" or "Amsterdam Pride" – a gay festival.

To visit Amsterdam in silence it is recommended to avoid it on 30th April in Queen's Day, because the pubs, squares and the city overall is fully crowded by people who wear in orange.

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