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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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German Shepherd Dog, One And The Same As The Alsatian

The German Shepherd Dog race is the best known and most widespread in the world and in the German agencies. Many will assign him with the Alsatian origin but this is one and the same dog. The race has existed for thousands of years and has a long line of ancestors from the Persian shepherd. Based on vague similarity with the wolf it is known as the dog-wolf. The breed wasnt brought to its current form until the late nineteenth century by cavalry captain selections Maxx Von Stepanitz by making him persistent and increasingly finer.

The physical description of the German Shepherd Dog shows that he has a smooth athletic body size less than average, slightly elongated and slightly left to tail back line when viewed in profile. It has a long neck strong and muscular. The head is proportioned and has a tapering to the nose. The forehead is very little curved and the muzzle is in proportion of the skull with a black nose. The coats outer layer is completely black or black with patterns characteristic color brown, reddish brown, yellow, gray or gray-iron. Even though it is robust he is an elegant, imposing and attractive dog to walk, covering a large area with each step. The German Shepherd Dog has a height of 55 to 65 centimeters and a weight of 27 to 43 kilograms.

In personality he is an active dog with a lively temperament but perfectly balance, intelligent, sharp and very alert. Very brave, strong, durable and has a very good sense of smell, always ready to fight. Easily adapts to any contingency due to its responsible and independent nature. Is faithful, affectionate and playful with his owner and his family, loves children and gets along well with them if he was socialized. He treats other animals with indifference and foreign people as long as they do not show signs of aggression.

The German Shepherd Dog does not require anything special, being resistant to anything. It is recommended only for people who have enough time to reserve for their training and other physical activities. They require socialization, training and exercises.

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