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Get Away From Stress At Work, Enjoy Beach Vacations

A beach vacation of at least a week is the perfect recipe for increasing productivity at work, shows a HP study. A condition for the perfect vacation is the separation from your mobile phone. A week of holiday to relax is almost as effective as two weeks. According to a study conducted by HP in several countries, 66% of respondents say a week is enough, while 63% say that two weeks of vacation would be enough to be effective at work after returning to office. What happens in the first days of work after a period of relaxation? Three quarters of Germans employees said that after two weeks of vacation, they have a greater appetite for work. Also 71% of employees in the UAE, 67% of Italians and 63% of Russians, come back to work full of enthusiasm, according to HP research. 41% of British employees are more effective after holidays, as well as 61% of the Greeks.

With all its beauty, the holiday period involves certain risks. Immediately after the vacation, several days of accommodation follow, called post-holiday depression. People have nostalgia for the places they visited and have a tendency to talk, to share impressions and photos, said a human resources specialist. In contrast stands 8% of employees who fail to relax completely. However, 83% of them feel more motivated when they return from their holidays.

The participants in this study showed that relaxation at the beach, to the seaside, improves the efficiency at work three times more than a regular break and it is twice more effective than a holiday that involves exercise, such as mountain hiking.

If you love the beach, the sea and the waves, the culture, the beautiful cities and the civilization, you should not give one up in favor of the other. You can organize a wonderful seaside holiday, in a dream city with elegant beaches, nightlife and spectacular museums. We recommend you two of the greatest seaside towns, where you can enjoy a perfect beach vacation: Barcelona and Honolulu.

Barcelona delights us with the 8 white sandy beaches bathed by the Mediterranean waters. Barceloneta, the most famous beach in the elegant Spanish city has 1.6 km and you will meet here everything you want: vendors, entertainment of all kinds, beautiful women and delicious sangria. Honolulu, Hawaii if you think about traveling on American soil, go to Honolulu. This city is gorgeous, with architecture old of a century, but also with new buildings that rise up to heaven, beaches with historic hotels, as Moana Surfrider Hotel, washed by the turquoise waters of the Pacific.

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