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Growing Fruit Trees – A Hobby That Can Turn To Business


How to grow fruit trees?

The best thing would be to make the holes where the fruit trees will be planted with two to three weeks before planting in order to provide a good aeration of the soil. The holes should be made to a depth of around 60 cm and to have the same length and width in dimensions (60X60X60). The soil removed from the pit is kept together, the one from the surface on one side of the hole and the rest, on the other side.

The partial filling of pits (up to half of them) must precede the actual planting with one or two weeks, hurling at the bottom of the pit (15-20 cm) the deepest removed soil and then adding the surface soil, which is the most fertile. The small tree is prepared for planting by cutting thicker roots extremities, by removing the damaged or diseased roots; then the roots go through a mixture of water, organic fertilizer and celery ground. The purpose of such an operation is double – one of fertilization and second, to preserve moisture. It is recommended to set in the pit along with the tree also a tree-support stake, to ensure its vertical development. After the correct placing of the small tree in the planting pit, cover the pit with soil mixed with fertilizer from the previous year (animal fertilizer).

Tamp it down well, for ensuring that there are not any air pockets left because they are very harmful to the roots settling and health. Also avoid covering the grafting node. Easily connect the small tree with the  support stake and arrange the soil around with slightly raised edges to keep, water when watering. The first watering is done immediately after planting. Before freezing, the soil has to be put in relatively large quantities around the stem in order to protect the tree during winter. The distance between tree rows should be about 3 to 4 meters and the distance between trees should be settled depending on the species and on how much space the mature tree will need.

Buying seedlings

The fruit trees will be bought from the well known sources, making sure that each tree is labeled with the type you want to purchase. In advance, you will need to decide what varieties of fruits you want to plant and to get information about which fruits are best suited to the place you have available for the orchard establishment. Generally, a young tree, regardless of species, must have healthy roots and a height of approximately one meter.

During transportation you will take care not to injure the trees and the roots should remain well wrapped in plastic, to avoid dehydration. If planting in the orchard is not done immediately, seedlings can be stored with their roots placed in surface pits and with the lower strain protected with soil, in places away from large atmospheric variations. If planting is made in fall, then next spring the first molding (grooming) of the crown will be made, after which, the maintenance work will go into a certain cycle, aiming regular fertilization, pest control, harvesting etc.

Even if you do not decide to start, in the near future, a business related to the production of fruits, it is worth growing in your own garden some specimens of species whose fruits you prefer. No matter the season, summer, fall, winter or spring, you will enjoy the incomparable better taste.


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