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Growing Silkworms – A Profitable Business


Lately, many people have started thinking  seriously of opening their own business, and trying their luck. Among the most mentionned is the businesses of raising silkworms, which, if done properly, can bring good money.
Since 2007, the EU decided that all silkworm breeders can receive financial aid to over 130 euros per box of silkworm eggs used. To receive money, breeders will write a request to the Agency for agriculture.

The prerequisite is that their entire production is processed in to be authorized locations. In addition, the ones involved have to buy at least 20,000 boxes of eggs, then they must obtain at least 20 kg of silkworm cocoons in each box from the processing unit that is authorized. Last but not least, growers are forced to be part of an association.

Why to grow silkworms? The answer is simple: silk that is produced by this activity is used for many purposes, such as textile industry, the electronics, the surgery or in the bakery. In addition, as I said in the beginning, this activity is subsidized by the state.

However, what are the things that you need to start your business? First, you need a lightedroom, well ventilated and with not too much moisture inside. This will help the eggs develop. A box of ten grams of eggs will cost about 20-25 USD. Besides, things that you need for incubation are mulberry leaves. Time to harvest silk can also take a month or more. Then you can start selling silk and you will see how your income is increasingly important. Thus, you will receive about $ 20 per kilogram of silk obtained.

A big advantage that this business has is that it does not need any additional labor. Basically, silkworm raising can be done easily by three to four people, such as members of one family. The most common species in the silkworm called Bombyx mori. Its members are perfectly adapted to the temperate climate. In addition, they can extract the entire amount of protein they need from mulberry leaves. To ensure that there are no issues in the growth of these worms, you have to provide a minimum of conditions. Thus, worms need up to 400 kg of mulberry leaves during their growth (between 30 and 40 days), meaning tens of mulberry trees.

For larval growth, they will need another room, well heated and not very large, 5 square meters being more than enough. During incubation, the temperature must fall between 15 and 25 degrees, and humidity should not exceed 85% in the room where the worms are. During growth, the temperature should be between 22 and 30 degrees and humidity between 70% and 80%. As for feeding silk worms, it occurs in the form of sprouts, no more than four times each day.

As mentioned above, a few people are enough to develop this business. Basically, the more experienced can take care of ensuring the climate for the worms and larvae, while others can have the main responsibilities the picking mulberry leaves and their transportation.

Growth support for silk worms are usually some shelves with many levels. Eventually, you can use something else, such as tables. However, make sure that they span at least 30 square meters. In addition, you need paper for bedding, a thermometer and some disinfectants substance.

The veterinarian is the person that will give you the permission to start work, if all conditions of growth in terms of necessary health standards are accomplished. In conclusion, a business silkworm can bring a lot of money if you do it professionally, seriously and with a very high level of involvement. Consider that in just 10 grams of eggs you can get even 50 kg of cocoons and a donut are obtained only a few hundred meters of silk thread. If you are interested in selling donuts, you can opt for direct sale of silk yarn, which will bring at least 120 lei per kilogram, so that the whole business will undoubtedly prove profitable.


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