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Havana Brown, Not Stylish Cigars, But The Feline

The Havana Brown cat is a very active animal and feels at ease when it can explore every corner of the garden freely. It's impossible not to remark the cats shiny mahogany color fur. This beautiful brown cat was created by the English breeders in 1951 from a cross between chocolate Siamese cat and the house cat. It is reminiscent of the original color of the cigars from Havana. It conquered the world with its cute personality and social value.

In appearance the Havana Brown cat has a smooth coat, short and brilliant. Any shade of brown light is considered as the original color. Adulthood stripes or spots do not appear on the coat of another color. He has an elongated head, narrowing toward the muzzle, with the holes visible in the joints of the whiskers. The nose and whiskers are brown and have the color pink while the sole pads are cinnamon. The color of the eyes is green and they are closed. It has slim silhouette, muscular and a thin tail like a whip. The Havana Brown cat belongs to the group of oriental cats.

It has a special appearance and behavior coupled with a stylish special personality as it is lively, playful, talkative and curious. It's a very active cat which feels at ease when it can explore freely all over the house, but it's very devoted to the family and likes to spend hours in the company of its owner. It adapts easily to a traveler lifestyle, but it's better not to opt for this cat if the service requires constant and frequent travel by plane or train.

The Havana Brown cat has Siamese relatives so it also has a fun innate nature. They love to be in the spotlight and leave revered, but he needs privacy from time to time. When he wants the company people, you will know as he will talk a lot. Cautions must be taken and the owner must offer attention when wanted or it will show that appetite for running around the house like a crazy game cat until it gets what it wants. Because it has very short hair it is very easy to maintain: a cotton cloth to gently rub the whole body. Unlike other animals, Havana Brown knows when it is argued, responds to the call and can be trained to walk on a leash.

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