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How Astrology Gained Its Popularity


It’s hard not to think how astrology gained its popularity as it does not rely on any scientific claim or concrete and detailed case to have worked in. Used pretty much since the moment our ancestors started to look more closely at the stars, this activity was one of the many ways they used to look into the future. From the organs of the sacrificed animals and up to the way birds flew, anything could be a sign. So, how come that astrology is still believed today, creating an industry of a few million dollars?

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The fear of unknown. In order to understand how astrology gained its popularity one needs to consider the people’s natural fears. Is there a divinity, is it all part of the destiny or is it all just a happening? Everything that happens to us overwhelms us and sometimes makes no sense. Feeling meaningless in an infinite universe, we search for a solid base in science, art, family, or… in stars. Astrology has the gift of calming people: everything happens for a reason, people are meant to meet and get along or not, our personalities are defined since birth. Thus, astrology can be calming and bring order to the chaotic world from now, even though it cannot prove its claims. In fact, those who need it do not even doubt it as long as it answers their basic questions.

Placing the blame somewhere else.  It is very hard sometimes to admit it is our fault in the case of a terrible relationship, a mistaken financial decision or the worsening of the state of health. Thus, the reduction of this feeling can explain how astrology gained its popularity. If everything was already written in the stars, then responsibility drops, everything being the hand of destiny. If predictions say that an extraordinary period in the career is to follow, all that needs to be done is to wait for the stars to act. If it did not work, then the negative influence of another heavenly object is to be blamed. However, the reduced level of responsibility leads to a drop in the power of the decision making as well, affecting one’s life in a negative way.

Astrology really fits everyone! But this does not happen because it could read our personalities and lead us on the best path in life. In fact, the predictions we see in newspapers, TV programs, but also in the private sessions with astrologers are generalized to the extreme. With just an example one can understand how astrology gained its popularity. Let’s take the predictions for Leo in a random day: “The chance is for you to be successful in whatever you do. It is a favorable day for businesses and home investments. On the sentimental plane there is no problem. We advise you however not to neglect the problems of your partner and of the other members of the family”.

Let’s say that today a Leo receives some kind words from the boss. It is definitely the promised success! Later he decides to buy a lamp for his sister’s bedroom, gets home and talks to his wife and then goes to sleep. Perfect match, even if 10,000 other Leos may have had a very similar day, but in a slightly different way. All will find themselves in these predictions and will consider them real, even if such small events can be found every day. Another intelligent tactic is to insert common advice (do not neglect the problems your partner has), which, even though useful, are totally unrelated to predictions. The private astrologers, who offer quite expensive sessions, “read” their clients and according to their reactions continue on one line or another with the predictions or the characterization; if they make too many mistakes, they use claims like this “you are passionate about technology and new gadgets” for young people who have just used their iPhone as an example, thus providing a perfect description, even if totally unrelated to stars or constellations. Thus, it gets quite clear how astrology gained its popularity.

Astrology is fun. It relaxes us with its possibilities, with the playful claims, even if we do not truly believe it. Most of the astrologers are very charismatic, fascinating through their presence. They are entertainers, very good psychologists and observers. They entertain, offer generalities and give an impulse to the ego of the people, providing just a few negative characteristics for them, but which can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Some people even choose to go to an astrologer just to hear something nice, a compliment, while others call them to parties as a special type of entertainment.

Mental comfort. This is how we get to another reason which shows how astrology gained its popularity. A lot of people feel they lose control over life, are scared by death, diseases and accidents. Someone who tells them everything is going to be fine and that a rich year filled with conjugal happiness and prosperity definitely touches a delicate chord. Others treat their astrologers like psychologists: they talk about their lives, problems and fears, which is not a bad thing, especially as astrologers can also give relatively useful advice. But one thing must not be forgotten! These people have no preparation in this domain, so face with an emotional disorder or a depression, they should send the person to a specialist. However, not all of them do this, so it’s everyone’s duty to realize what is helpful and what not.


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