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How To Start A Business With Handmade Accessories


A number of increasingly more people are turning to opening their own business. Such an accessible business is the one with handmade accessories, as it does not involve much effort and is not extremely difficult to accomplish. In the next lines we will present some essential steps that you can take into consideration to start a business with handmade accessories.

This kind of businesses can be a successful way to earn extra income. Currently, this trend is very strong in many countries in the world. Making handmade accessories is a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Also it’s an excellent stimulus for creative inspiration. Besides these aspects, handmade accessories can be very nice gifts for the loved ones. So why should you not try to combine a hobby with an activity that can bring extra money? It never hurts to try something new.

Handmade items can be made by all of you who enjoy patience and imagination. The raw materials that you need can be bought from various special websites or shops that distribute such products. Choose from sand, plastic, glass, wood or, if you have more money available for expenditure, even pearls or semiprecious stones.

Perhaps the most common handmade products are beads. They have a price of just a few dollars and can be purchased in sets of several pieces. However, if you try to create them by yourself, then it is good to know that you need large amounts of colored thread. Ten meters of thread cost about 8-9 USD.

Another material widely used in producing handmade accessories is a kind of clay called Fimo. After being molded into the desired shape, it is allowed to dry at temperatures above 100 degrees, then the surface will be colored. If you choose to start working using fimo, it is best to use models, because they will facilitate the work. The advantage of this kind of clay is the reduced price of 3 USD for the package. With the fimo  you can create earrings, brooches, rings and other “jewels”.

Handmade accessories that you can do are amulets, dolls, bags, candles, decorations, ornaments, gifts or cards.
After you are sure you have enough handmade products, you can think of promotion. A good suggestion is to try first the blog or your website. Do not forget to mention any of the accessories’ aspects: materials used, size, weight and price …

If you are not satisfied with this version of the promotion, then try some sites that are specialized in selling handmade accessories. After you make an account, you can upload photos of your products and add their details. Remember, you have to constantly put new items to increase your visibility and also the chances of success.

If you prefer to try selling your handmade accessories in other ways besides the Internet, the viable solutions may involve a list of people potentially interested in what you have to offer. Usually, the first customers are close people, like family, friends or coworkers. Then, try to sell certain goods and fairs, presentations or stores specializing in such items.

Income that can come after the deal depends on how much you want to get involved. If you decide to start with a small amount and not much time allotted to this activity you should not expect sensational results. Instead, with a little patience and effort, things can go from good to better. Remember that profits can be reinvested, so you will not have to spend new money to buy necessary materials.


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