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How To Use Astrology In Everyday Life


Astrology is a way of knowing your true ego, but also a helpful way to find interesting information about people around. Astrological knowledge is important both at an individual and social and worldwide level; but how many of you know how to use the creative relationship of the astral level events and of those taking place at the terrestrial level? It is very important to know how to use astrology to improve our personal and social life but also to bring positive changes our relationships with everything surrounding us.

For many of you, knowledge from the astrological point of view is resumed to analyzing horoscope, but astrology means much more than that. Astrology is one of the oldest sciences in the history of mankind, with a strong impact on all civilizations since ancient times. On every moment, at the planetary level, there are special events that influence the events that happen on the earth.

Moreover, when a person is born, the planets have a unique position, also influencing the person’s whole life, as the natal chart shows. Unlike astronomy, the science of cosmic-level relationships, astrology is studying how cosmic level events and relationships between the planets influence life on earth. Therefore, it’s no wonder that astrology is used in all kind of fields of activity, with a major influence in the lives of all people.

As I mentioned in the first rows, astrological knowledge does not mean only horoscope. Not at all. Horoscope shows only a small part of how the planets affect us as individuals, astrology being much more complex than that.

How can we use astrology in everyday life?
Most of the time, the horoscope you read in the newspaper or online is, in fact, an astrological prediction, and is wrong in most cases because it is designed overall, not individually.

Astrology can help us better understand ourselves and those around us, because the position of the stars at birth influences a person’s personality. Moreover, according to the astrological interpretation, you can act appropriately in different stages of your life, so you can make important decisions that could affect your social and personal life. And no, you must not be a specialist in order to use astrology to improve your life. To correctly interpret astrology and the way it can change your life, you must learn to correctly interpret the natal astrological chart that is unique for each person. What can you discover if you interpret in a proper way the natal chart? Well, in this way you can learn things about yourself, things that you have ignored until now, how you can also learn how to direct your potential to succeed in your career and not only, how to manage to have special social relationships, your natal chart reflecting at the same time your personality and desires, even the most hidden.

The position of planets in the natal chart can tell a lot of things about yourself, things from which you can draw important conclusions about everyday life:

  • Sun – reflects the personality
  • Month – reflect how you act instinctively for reaching your aim
  • Mercury – is responsible for the way you organize your thinking and the way you communicate with the others
  • Venus – shows the evolution of an erotic individual
  • Mars – shows how an individual plans his entire life and actions
  • Jupiter – is responsible for the way you think and how an individual develops himself from the intellectual point of view
  • Saturn – influences the way a person plans his emotional life
  • Uranus – influences the ability to balance the actions and events that go through the entire existence of an individual
  • Neptune – is responsible for the social side
  • Pluto – influences a person’s power and willingness and ability to integrate.

However, the natal chart interpretation is not complete without discerning the ascendant mysteries showing the mask that each of us wears every day.


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