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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business

How can you use Twitter to promote your business? Twitter is a micro blogging platform that allows you to post updates (called tweets) as much as you want fewer than 140 characters. Twitter can be used for various activities ranging from sharing updates with friends, telling the world what you doing and building your brand.

Building a brand is one of the most important things any business must do. Below are steps on how to use twitter for your business.

1. Get a Twitter account

The first step is to get a twitter account, some suggestions are:

1. Let your twitter username be related to your business name e.g. Promoting a business like dataentryforall inc should be @dataentryforall
2. Personalize your twitter username by using a clear and attractive image on your twitter username.
3. Personalize your twitter background to have your business look.

2. Get started with Twitter

You now have a personalized twitter account, the next step is to get started! You will want to get people to see your tweets. The following steps will help you get some twitter followers.

1. Put a twitter badge with your username on it on your website. You can put it anywhere on your website ranging from the sidebar to all pages or you can put it below each post using a wordpress plugin called IGIT Follow Me After Post Button.
2. Let people identify you by your twitter username by putting it everywhere it can attract peoples attention thereby making them follow you.
3. Try to use the twitter find people button to search for keywords related to your business, gradually follow some people and some of them will follow you later on.
4. Try to avoid following too many people at a time. Also try to avoid using so called twitter adder, I tried them and the results were poor.

3. How to Tweet

Why are we using twitter when we are not going to tweet? Here are some tweeting tips to keep in mind when using twitter to build your business.

1. Talk to people about their interest because this shows them you care.
2. Try to help people get solutions to their problems.
3. Dont bump on people with your offers all the time.
4. Point out interesting things around you.
5. Tweet great and interesting things from all over the web, this helps you build trust in your followers and it also helps you gain more followers because so many people follow users on twitter by searching for keywords. The more you tweet, the more you are followed.
6. Tweet and relate about non business ideas also.
7. Make sure you only tweet useful and important things/links about your business. We all know the social world, not everything works, and effective utilization of what works will bring the best result.
8. Dont setup automatic direct messages; it can harm your reputation
9. Try to use URL shortening services like tinyurl to shorten and track clicks to your links.
10. Retweet useful stuff from those you follow.

Twitter is great for business, but it is important to let people see you as somebody who comes to build relationship and not just a business that is around just for their money. Any more great twitter tips to add, share your thoughts in the comment section, and dont forget to retweet this post . Happy tweeting!


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