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Important Moments During Pregnancy


Once you get pregnant, it’s good to know which the most important moments are while you are expecting, what the steps you have to make in raising the child are and what the changes that are going to happen in your life are. Pregnancy is like a long road, sprinkled with happiness and excitement, but also moments of panic, worries and sadness.

The beginning

Since that happy moment when the pregnancy test shows you that you will soon become a mother, you have to start making plans for the near future and some changes in your life.
The first important moment during pregnancy: quickly make an appointment to see a gynecologist. The specialist will advise you and bring to your attention the changes you have to make in your lifestyle. You will make medical tests to see if you are healthy and in good shape to deliver a baby, and the doctor will calculate the approximate birth date of your child. It is important to know that, from now on, the doctor will be your friend and adviser, so if you don’t have a specialist you can trust yet, you should ask your friends or relatives to recommend you one.

The second important moment during pregnancy: you will make some changes in your life from the first month of pregnancy – you will adopt a healthy diet, which consists in small but very frequent meals. You will exercise and give up the risky habits, like alcohol, tobacco or coffee. You will adopt a regularly and relaxing program every day. You will give up sleeping late, going to parties, or doing stressful and exhausting chores. In this period of time you have to have a good spirit and avoid getting exhausted.

It is time to announce your manager about the pregnancy, and if your job is too stressful, exhausting, or it takes place in a toxic environment, ask for certain changes so that you won’t have to take any risks. You have the right to avoid the exposure to any risks, so no matter how important your job is, it shouldn’t be more important that your child.


The first two months of pregnancy are just passing by – you are happy, excited and it seems like you can’t believe that you are going to have a baby. After the third month, you should think about the method you want to adopt to give birth. If you can’t decide, you should ask your friends or relatives, and they can tell you how they have gone through this magnificent experience. If your friends and family didn’t have the experience, you can look up the opinions other women wrote over the internet, on special forums. You can easily become friends with them and exchange opinions.

Among the most important moments during pregnancy we mention the first ultrasound. The ultrasound is made around the 8th week of pregnancy. It will be the first picture of your baby. Also, the first ultrasound can tell you the sex of the baby (but it isn’t 100% sure). Many times, the sex of the baby can be seen clearly, but it is your choice if you want to find out or if you want to keep it a surprise. On one hand, it would much easier for you to make future plants if you’d know the sex of your baby. You’d know what clothes to buy or what color to paint the room, but on the other hand, nothing compares to when you first meet your baby, without knowing what to expect. Nowadays, many couples prefer to find out the sex of their baby, this being one of the most touching moments during pregnancy.

You will start thinking about choosing a hospital. Consult with your partner and your doctor, but also with your friends. You can choose to go to prenatal training that some facilities offer. They will help you adjust to the situation and to get ready for the big change in your life.
The future mother

If you didn’t announce the big news for different reasons, you can now be sure of the pregnancy so feel free to let people know about your pregnancy. It is time to receive congrats and think about the next details… some more practical details: the baby’s room, the furniture etc.

Between the 4th and the 7th month, you will do the first full medical consult, that if your doctor didn’t already recommend it to you. It is time for you and your partner to decide if and what prenatal training you will follow. A prenatal training will help you with the information you need and practical advice about your physical condition, labor, birth methods, but also on how to emotionally prepare for birth.

Although you probably already made a birth plan, now it’s the time to establish the details: the birth method (natural or caesarean), anesthesia, if the partner will assist you or not, what you think will help you deliver the baby: for example, some hospitals allow you to bring a CD that relaxes you. In this period you will make an ultrasound to make sure that the development of your baby is going well.

Do your best to keep a good spirit and be relaxed. Your partner is very important. His support, closure and communication will help you emotionally and avoid the risk of getting depressed. Exercises (walking, swimming, yoga) will help you be in good shape and get rid of the stress and negative energy.

Around the 24th week of pregnancy, you should do another full medical consult, and after the 28th week you will have to do them every 2 weeks. You have to be very careful with your health and try to notice any symptoms that could show the existence of a certain complication (pain, physical exhaustion, vomiting, or depression).

The maternity leave

After the 7th month of pregnancy, you can take the maternity leave, which will help you relax and give time to yourself. You should rest and prepare for the last important moments during pregnancy. Now you have time to prepare the details, to analyze once again the birth plan and to think whether you stick with the decisions you’ve made earlier or you want to change them. You should prepare emotionally because you are getting close to the end of the road. You’ve been trough many important moments during your pregnancy: joy, sadness, worries, and now is time to be strong and positive.

To fill the time that has left until the big day, think about concrete aspects and take care of them: how the baby’s room will look like, what toys are you going to buy, what name to give to the baby. If you know the sex of the baby you can already go shopping and buy him/her the clothes you like best. Seeing the clothes for your baby will melt your heart.

Now it is also the time for a baby shower. It will be fun to sit and talk about your baby, your life or anything else with your friends. After the 7th month the medical controls will be more frequent, probably weekly, to make sure that everything is going well.

The birth

The birth can come sooner and may surprise or even scare you. It can also delay and frustrate you. That is why it is very important to be emotionally ready.

So here you are at the end of the road, and the last of the most important moments during pregnancy is here: once the water broke, you have to immediately go to the hospital. There, the doctor will tell you what to do. Try not to panic. You have trained for this moment for 9 months. Soon, you will finally see your baby and you’ll find out what maternal love means… a unique and indescribable feeling!


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