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Irish Wolfhound, A Large Dog For Hunting Wolves

The Irish Wolfhound is the largest of dogs breed for hunting, but its personality makes him a gentle giant. Unfortunately it does not live a long having a general life expectancy of only a decade. Tall, tousled with a strong head, the Irish Wolfhound has a conformation similar to the Greyhound which are capable to run very fast.

This dog is very large, massive, has an inspiring respect and strong allure. The head is large, relatively long having a pointed snout with a small crease between the eyes. The jaws are very long and has a little sharp black nose. The eyes are dark, coarse hair on top, are lively and expressive. They have small ears, which they wear as the Greyhounds and with a fine texture. The fairly long neck is strong and muscular, well bent, very prominent breasts which are quite wide. Back is long enough and the stomach is sucked in.

The limbs are long, strong, muscular, moderately long and has rounded feet, with bendy fingers and closed down. The tail is long and slightly curved, medium in thickness, covered with fur. The hair is coarse and is long on the body and legs. On the head of the Irish Wolfhound, the eyebrows and beard have a hair that is very rough. The Irish Wolfhound comes in the colors of white, brown, scarlet, gray, black, gray, red and has a height of 81 to 86 centimeters and a minimum of 76 for females. Their weight can reach up to 54.5 kilograms in males and 41 kilograms in females.

The Irish Wolfhound proves an innate friendliness. It is a docile and loving dog, intelligent, and exuberant, especially as he is young. He responds well to training, which is an important issue, given the size. It is used to hunt wolves and hunting of large animals, deer, wild boar. It is also used as an excellent guard dog in support and defense. Wolfhound’s played an important role in the evolution of English civilization. Oliver Cromwell gathered all dogs of this breed of hunting and hunters from huge organization for killing the large number of wolfs that were decimating the UK population.

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