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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Jack Russell Terrier Peculiarities

The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed has the country of origin as England, and its name comes from the one who has dealt with its formation – an English minister named Jack Russell selected terriers that were very clever and skilled in hunting. Hunting and especially fox hunting was a noble sport at that time in the mid-nineteenth century. Fans quickly became interested in these dogs and hunters have called them Jack Russell Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier pastor (Parson Jack Russell Terrier), names that have helped ground the one that we use today. Between the two there are minor differences that are most often neglected in distinction.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog with a sleek appearance but powerful, flexible and larger in length than in height. The body relies on gaze and muscular legs, something that may be part of a rectangle. His eyes are small, black or very dark in color, or light black which is not very prominent. The ears are soft, worn fallen and very strong teeth. As part of the skull is has flattened ears, wide and tapering to the muzzle. The tail is short, worn both horizontally as well as high, depending on the available animal.

Dog hair is mostly smooth but fur pieces are encountered that are more severe. As regards its coloration, the predominant color is white, often mixed with patches of brown, yellow, black, brown or combinations of these colors, but there are copies that are entirely white, especially the Parson. Black spots are distributed on the face and ears, almost always separated by a white line dividing the two equal parts on the body at random and sometimes reaching up to the mid-tail while its tip remains to mostly white. Around the mouth may be encountered darker spots or black, and the nose is always black, even when he is white completely.

Jack Russell Terrier has an average of 30 centimeters and rarely exceeds 6 to 7 kilograms in weight.
The lifestyle of this type of dog is extremely active and alert. Although today is mostly for company, hunting instincts have been preserved and is always attentive, lively and eager to dig. Although it gets dirty quickly from the activities they carry out, his hair is easy to clean, just a brushing every now and then.

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