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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Launching A Business On The Internet – How Hard Is It?


Launching a business on the internet is available for everybody. The only thing you have to do is to inquire about the online market and speculate the areas that are not or little approached. A new idea can be put into practice easier by launching a business on the internet than the classic method used by businessmen over the years.

The first step for launching a business on the internet is represented by the idea of offering a service or a product which is absent on the market or is not sufficiently promoted. Of course we don’t suggest launching a business on the internet without having a company  established through the classical method. Only after doing that and having all the proper documents can you put this idea to practice.

Supposing that it is a novel idea or product for the online market, the next step would be to acquire a domain. This domain represents the address we all write in the browser when we search for a certain website. Let’s assume that you want to sell red bananas; we suggest that the address should be as close as possible to the activity domain. For example, in the case of the red bananas, the address should be something like

If some products are already on the market, you may not be able to buy the domain, as it already belongs to someone else, so the only thing left for you to do is to search for variants that are close enough to what you want: red-bananas, red-bananas-online, etc. You can acquire the domain from another company that deals with this branch which you can find by simply searching with the help of a frequently used search engine, entering: buying domain or any other phrase that you might think about when wanting to acquire a domain. Launching a business on the internet is most probably continued at the same company that has sold you the domain by acquiring a hosting packet. For your domain to appear on the internet, it will have to be hosted on a server linked to the Web which will also display for you the site you want to promote.

The next step in launching a business on the internet consists of creating a presentation site or why not, of the online shop. Here, you have several options to choose from, such as:

–          to undertake by download from the internet a free platform which will ensure the possibility to decorate your site as you please. WordPress and PrestaShop are only two variants, but the list goes on. There are free platforms both for the presentation sites as well as for online shops, you only have to search for them and learn how to operate with them. Working with these platforms is quite easy as they are specially created to help beginners in this domain.

– to rent different platforms at acceptable prices. On the online market there are various platforms that may be acquired by monthly payment of a tax which is not very expensive which will successfully satisfy your needs. The advantages of these platforms consist in the possibility to ask, when you don’t understand how to create certain aspects of the site an operator, who can guide you and can be contacted by telephone or e-mail;

–          to buy a site whose design and coding are created by a design company or a

freelancer web-programmer. Costs in this case are pretty high, but you can get the site just as you have imagined it, which once purchased will only require maintenance expenses which are quite low.  Launching a business ion the internet continues with the publicity of your service or product which can also be done in various ways:

–          using the AdWords system offered by Google, consisting in the presence of a

sponsored link when a person searches the product you sell using the Google search engine. The link or connection to your site will appear before the other ones for a sum that is paid on click, namely , the moment when the person who did the search will enter through the sponsored link on your site;

–          using publicity flyers that you will distribute on the street;

–          using advertising banners that you will stick in specially designated spaces;

–          using different popular sites which allow online advertising on payment;

–          using multimedia means.

Launching a business on the internet requires time. Do not expect orders from the first day; most probably these will start arriving after 3-4 moths and meanwhile you shouldn’t stop advertising the site and promoting the product or service offered. If this is something that the public searches for and you have low competition, it is very likely for the business to be successful and for you to earn money on the internet, offering your visitors the necessary products.


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