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Learn More About Vedic Astrology

Veda is a spiritual science that comprises all the aspects of existence. It is said that the Vedas were revealed to the Indian saints from the divine source over 9,000 years ago and they contain essential information about physics, cosmology, esotericism, phonics, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, astrology and so on.

Vedic Astrology from India is recognized as being a very practical system, mainly because it is based on the karmic influences that mark the life of an individual. Karma represents our good or bad actions from other existent or from the present life and is based on the law of cause and effect.

Vedic astrology is an astral astrology type: the starting point for dividing the zodiac coincides with a fixed star in the Zeta Piscum constellation, located at 180 degrees from the Corvi star in the Chitra constellation. The relation to a fixed point on the celestial sphere the Corvi star in the Chitra Corvi constellation – is an essential difference compared to the Western astrology, in which the relation of the zodiac is made at the spring equinox.

The relation to the constellations and the solar system, characteristic to the Vedic Astrology, is manifested also in the fact that the moon is considered an important factor in determining the individuals personality, than the Sun.

Three elements are extremely important in a Vedic chart: Ascendant, Sun and Moon.

The Sun in the Vedic astrology represents our fixed, static karmic baggage, which we bring with us from previous incarnation to our current life. It is that component of personality that is precise, defined, dynamical-energetic and indestructible through the impossibility of modifying it and which the psychology calls it temperament.

The Ascendant in the Vedic Astrology is determined by the precise hour of the birth, by the place of birth through the longitude and latitude of the locality. It is the mobile part of our personality, changeable and structural, which the psychology calls character. Our birth into a particular family, thus our predisposition to a particular type of education in a specific geographical place and under certain climatic conditions are factors that draw guidelines for inhibiting or manifesting the temperamental elements. The Ascendant refers to the areas of life and the stages that we are going to go through in our fulfillment as humans, what we are willing to manifest and do in this incarnation. When well do, how well make and what price well pay, these are set during our existence by linking major periods of our life with the planetary transits.

The Moon in the Vedic Astrology represents that part which is impossible to control, which makes us so human, it individualizes and it specifically structures our subconscious, unconscious and over mental when it is made the connection with the macrocosmic consciousness. It is the part that protects us, watches over us and grows us as a mother.

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