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Logmein Pro, The Remote Access Software For Mac


The remote access software for Mac – LogMeIn Pro is a easy-to-use software which allows the user to access his desktop from another location from that remote computer. The software is highly versatile and it offers the possibility of making data backups, synchronizing computers and it has a clear, intuitive and safe interface.

After the installation of the LogMeIn software, when the user launches the program, he will see a tool bar in the upper right side of the computer’s screen. This bar allows the user to navigate and explore the useful functions of this software. In order to begin a session and access another computer, all the user has to do is click the option `View My Computers’ and select the computer he wishes to access. After the user selects the desired computer, the software allows the user to enter the username and the password and after that moment, the desktop of the other computer will literally pop up on the user’s monitor whilst the tool bar remains in the upper right side of the screen.

The software for accessing Mac computers from a remote location makes everything look like the user is standing in front of the computer he has just accessed, even though he’s at a remote location. Thus, the user will see the desktop with all the applications that are already installed on that computer, can surf on the Internet, can access any file and can view the content of any file or document from the other computer. One of the most important options in this software is the transfer files options. All the user must do is select the file, right click on it and choose the ‘Send To’ option – after that, a file-sharing application will pop up and that application will guide the user step-by-step through the whole process of file transfer.

The LogMeIn Pro software also includes in the toolbar an option called ‘File Manager’. If the user selects this option, the user will see a windows in which he can see all the files from both computer (both the local and the remote one) and if the user wishes to transfer files from one to another, all the user has to do is select and drag and drop from one side to another – which is an extremely simple process, even for the less experienced users.

After logging in on another computer through this software, the user can even print certain documents in a highly facile manner.

The remote access software for Mac, LogMeIn Pro, also has available an application that can be used for iPhone – thus allowing the user to have a remote access to a certain computer through his phone without the slightest effort on his behalf, as the application for the smart-phone is highly intuitive.

As far as the easiness to use is concerned, this application is the perfect solution for those who own more than one computer (especially Macs) as this software allows the constant access to documents, projects and files that, most certainly, now the user can no longer forget at home. The software’s interface is incredibly intuitive and the familiarization process should not take more than a few minutes, even for the non-experienced users.

It is of high importance to know that in order to remotely access a computer through the LogMeIn application, it is necessary that the accessed computer be turned on. After the installation of this software on the computer you wish to gain remote access, the user can very simply log in using a username and a password that the same user has previously set.

As far as the security is concerned, each individual account requires a username and a password that are being set during the application’s installation process and, also, when a computer is being accessed remotely, that username and that password are required.

The remote Mac access software LogMeIn Pro uses for the file transfer the SSL/TLS encryption algorithm which is why this software is entirely both safe and accessible.

As far as the tech support is concerned, the company that manufactures this software ensures a wide palette of options that come in the help of its clients. Besides the numerous phone numbers available for tech support and for sales, the official webpage also includes a vast collection of FAQ sections and categorized tutorials and also multiple e-mail addresses where the tech team will always promptly answer and in a very detailed manner. In the application’s interface there is also the ‘Help’ option which offers multiple options of looking for the answers that come to support the users. The only missing choice in this palette of options is the Live Chat which, admittedly, in most situations is easier to use and much more useful and efficient.

In conclusion, the remote access software for Mac – LogMeIn Pro is a very impressive application that comes to support those who own more than one computer and need to monitor them. It is preferable to use this software on Mac computers – indeed there is also a version available for Microsoft Windows but the stability of that version is not guaranteed. This software is highly compliant regarding the file transfer, surfing the internet and opening the documents located on a remote computer, as long as that remote computer is turned on. Besides the numerous support options that the software offers, its interface is intuitive and easy to use, regardless of whether the user is amongst the beginners or experts regarding a Mac computer.


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