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Male And Female In Astrology

According to the 7th Universal Law “There is a gender in all things, as everything has its principles, male and female, gender manifesting on all planes.” And the universe is created in a system of duality. Male and female are two very important aspects of astrology.

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The human being is not the only dual one, but all nature is founded on the principle of duality. In astrology, the two principles, male and female, are more than duality or polarity, these features being attributed particularly to beings, whereas the male and female principles are assigned with functions and laws of nature. The Male – Female principles characterize anything, given that something has both male and female qualities and even if there are female zodiac signs and male zodiac signs, anyone has both features. It’s important to balance the male and female qualities.

In terms of knowledge, the Male and Female elements are materialized by an individual’s gender. It goes without saying that a man also has female characteristics and the other way around but as mentioned before, the way these qualities are combined is crucial.

Astrologically speaking, the two features, Male and Female are found in the case of classifying the zodiac signs which are divided into Feminine and Masculine zodiac signs, being alternately arranged. Also the two principles influence the classification of planets, which are also divided into female and male planets.

But the most important, in terms of astrology, is that the Masculine and Feminine are concrete in the two most important two factors governing at the energy level: the Sun (masculine energy) and the Moon (feminine energy), the entire system being, as you can see, established under the Male – Female polarity.

The astrological interpretation is influenced by how the harmony between the two elements, male and female, is created at an astral level, of course depending on the position and influence of each planet. So, the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune are considered feminine planets, while the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are masculine planets.

Male zodiac signs and female zodiac signs

The masculine zodiac signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, while the feminine ones are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Depending on this classification, the zodiac signs have certain characteristics. For example, the male signs are characterized by a spirit of initiative, overflowing energy, reasoning, activity, whereas the feminine zodiac signs are characterized by intuition, receptivity, emotion and sometimes excessive sensitivity. However, although an individual may be born under the male or a female zodiac sign, the way these two principles are influenced at an astral level by the position of the planets at the time of birth is a definitive one. In this way, the energies will be felt at the earthly level through the male or female manifestation.

The Masculine signs are the signs of Fire and Air, whereas the Feminine signs are the zodiac signs of Water and Earth. It is important for the two principles, Male and Female to harmoniously perform in matters of behavior, personality and evolution of each individual because if there is an imbalance at the astral level this will be felt also at the earthly level. For example, if the masculine energies are dominant, the feminine qualities will be diminished and the person may become aggressive, violent, self-centered, vulgar, hyperactive and misogynistic, while on the other hand when the feminine energies are stronger the person may be apathetic, depressed, distrustful of one’s own powers, fearful.

In this way, the gender in astrology influences the psyche of a person, the evolution of one’s personality and behavior. Even though one may have the imbalances mentioned above, an individual aware of their existence can use them in a beneficial way to harmonize them over time. On the other hand, there is the possibility for the imbalance to be too strong, so the mental disorders can be extreme, which leads to a behavioral disequilibrium. The same happens for people who have a different sexual orientation, this display being correlated with the astral influences.

So the male – female duality is a very important aspect of astrology that can help anyone to better understand their evolution, behavior, psyche and personality.


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