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Manx Cat Peculiarities And Legends

The absence of the Manx cat tail is a characteristic known for centuries and many stories circulate about their exact origin. Perhaps the oldest is the legend that tells Noah that when he closed the door of his ark, in haste, caught the tail of a cat, leaving only a stump instead of the tail. Another legend tells of a cat with no tail wreckage strolling on the beach among the Spanish galleons Army on the Isle of Man, in 1588. There is no doubt that the island was very isolated and this allowed the Manx cat to perpetuate its characteristics but the stub tail of a Manx cat is the result of genetic mutation suffered from mating with the British Shorthair cats. This gene could be responsible for skeletal defects of these cats.

The Manx cat breed resembles the British Shorthair breed, except for the tail. The head is large, round and has prominent cheekbones. The muzzle and chin are firm and strong. The ears are located above the head and are slightly bent outward. They are wider at the base and rounded at the top. The eyes are large and round, and their color is in tone with the coat. The body is compact and solid, with a broad chest and short back. The seat is round and should be higher than the shoulders. The limbs are short and strong, hind legs slightly longer than the front. The Manx cat that is meant for exhibitions must not have a tail at all, and must be completely rounded at the buttocks. These pet cats are allowed stubs of different lengths.

As relatives of the British Shorthair breed the Manx cat is prone to obesity. Therefore, their diet must be carefully controlled. They have an average energy and are highly compatible with other cats, other animals and especially children

The Manx cat has a good and loving nature and is affectionate. They go well with children and other animals and seem to understand very well even with dogs. They are ideal pets, easily adapting to family life. They lead a very happy life and make very little noise. The life expectancy is around 9 and 15 years.

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