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Medical Astrology – A Method To Know Ourselves Better And To Protect Our Health


No matter how skeptical some might be about the fact that life and health are inseparable from what happens in the Universe, from the movement of stars and planets, we must recognize that there is a correspondence between Macro Universe and Micro Universe, between what is above and what is below, and that the human body is a representation of a superior order on a smaller scale. Hippocrates himself, considered the “father” of modern medicine, said with conviction that: “One cannot be a doctor, if one is not first an astrologer”.

The famous physician of antiquity cannot be suspected of dilettantism, since he was the man who founded the medicine as a science, abandoning superstitions and false beliefs of his predecessors.  Since then, over 2000 years passed, medicine and astrology have evolved on separate ways, but this concept has emerged – medical astrology – which can only help us, since it identifies some predispositions, based on the astral theme of each person, trying to prevent the disease state and to discover its subtle cause.

Correspondence between signs and predispositions to certain diseases

Medical Astrology teaches that signs, in their succession, govern certain parts of the body in a specific order, from head to legs (nothing happens by chance!) Moreover, scientists have discovered that in the eye, on the iris are areas that give information about the health of different organs. The astrologists offer similar information by reading the signs. Also, according to karmic astrology, manifestation of disease are linked to our attitudes, gestures and words, which can enhance and maintain health, if we are optimistic, honest and generous, or we can become ill if our prevalent feelings are anger, hatred, revenge and so on.

To all this adds the role of collective karma, from which we cannot entirely escape. Anyone can verify these aspects in the daily life, paying attention to the fact that a physical illness heals much faster when we have the faith that everything will rebalance and we will be healthy again (and the other way around). More and more people understand that physical health depends on flows of energy and they can be understood, balanced, controlled by information of astrological nature. Each person has a specific sensitivity and is prone to certain diseases depending on the zodiac sign under which he/she was born.

According to medical astrology, those born in the Aries sign (governed by Mars) are physically powerful, resist very well to effort, but they also have the tendency to over-commit and exhaust themselves. It has been noticed that Aries are prone to diseases related to head (headaches, eye problems, swelling, dizziness, problems of the neck, ears, sinuses, teeth, etc. …) which manifest as transient crises and less as chronic diseases.  It is therefore very important for the natives of this sign to find a balance between work and rest, to offer themselves more often the joy of walking in nature, to relax, which will bring them even more efficiency in what they do.

The natives of Taurus have an excellent health and strength. However, there are two typologies within this sign. Some are more energetic, maybe too nervous sometimes, cold and taciturn. Others are very emotional and expansive. Both are tempted to ignore health issues and always enjoy a good meal, which is not necessarily to their advantage. Eating too much often exposes them to various problems. They hate diets and instinctively, they sometimes take short breaks from food, for rebalancing. They are the best a knowing how to recharge their batteries in nature (even though they are not very sportive). From the perspective of medical astrology, the most vulnerable areas, in their case, are the lower head, the neck, the larynx, the vocal cords, etc… Being very optimistic, they often save their health by a contagious good mood. Taurus sign is governed by Venus and by the Moon.

People from Gemini do not have a very good physical endurance, but this is compensated by a great mental state, which helps them to rebalance very fast after a period of intense effort or a disease. Because they are curious, restless, energetic, always looking for new and surprising things, they tend to eat on the run, which can cause indigestion, poor assimilation of food, aerophagia, etc… They lose weight quite easily, but at the same time their endurance reduces. Gemini sign governs the respiratory system, the arms and the shoulder. They are prone to bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases.  They respond differently to treatment, depending on mood. It is possible that a change of scenery, a good portion of laughter, a favourable context to matter more than a thousand drugs. The sign is governed by Mercury.

Natives from Cancer are emotional and sensitive and they tend to absorb the depressive influences of others. They feel good when they live in harmony and feel protected by the loved ones. They do not like to be destabilized by unexpected events. When it comes to health, they are fragile, especially in the chest area, but without major problems. Fatigue is their greatest enemy but fortunately they recover easily enough. Their talisman-plant is balm (Melissa), which has an almost miraculous effect helping them regain their good mood instantly. Also, everything related to water (marine landscape, hydrotherapy) charges their batteries in a minute. For Cancer women, the most effective way to find and maintain balance is motherhood. The governor of this zodiac sign is the Moon.

Leo are in a constant need for physical or intellectual activity. They have a remarkable resistance to effort, but avoiding excesses will help them later, after the age of forty, to avoid various health problems. They enjoy outdoor activities, but an exposure to sunlight for a long time may decrease their vitality. Their sensitive parts of the body are the heart, back, spine, cardiovascular system. They react strongly to emotional shocks – good or bad – and their diseases, as their health and achievements are directly proportional with their moods. For them, the magnesium cures, several times a year, can be very helpful. The Leo people are governed by the Sun.

Natives form Virgo, in spite of their appearance of peace and calm, have a very intense inner life, are introverts and very sensitive, tending to assume not only their own problems but also the problems of others. Regarding their health, malfunctions occur, usually in the stomach, intestines; psychosomatic disorders can lead to constipation, diarrhoea and rarely to intestinal occlusion. Because they have the tendency to try all sorts of treatments, it is best to avoid the frequent administration of drugs, because chemicals can cause many troubles. Instead, they respond very well to anti-stress treatments and to calcium cures. The plant that brings the best benefits for their health is mint. The governor of Virgos is Mercury.

Libras, apparently fragile, have actually a very, very good health, whose support is mainly their constant state of happiness. Balance, peace and surrounding harmony are best guarantees to maintain their health. Their sensitive organs are the kidneys, urinary bladder and lower back. It is essential for them to keep a good level of hydration and a constant supply of vitamins. They do not tolerate drugs very well, but fruit juices, cereals, honey and pollen are the guarantor of their vitality. The plants with most obvious benefits for their health are Basil and Rosemary. Libras are governed by Venus and Saturn.

Scorpios as very active, even in relaxing moments they feel the need to arrange something around them, to change something, to find rare objects, to devote to their passions, etc… They find it natural to be healthy and always in shape, therefore, often, they cannot understand that others may get tired. When they happen to get sick, they look for remedies that quickly fix their problem, and they manage to do it well because they are convinced that this is a fight that they must win at all costs. Sensitive organs are those related to the lower basing and the urogenital apparatus. Sport keeps them in shape and helps them eliminate toxins.  Iron and magnesium are very well assimilated and sustain the alert rhythm which is characteristic to these natives. Their talisman plant is garlic, a real natural antibiotic that reduces tension, is a very good intestinal disinfectant and preserves the robust temperament of Scorpios. Their governor planet is Pluto.

Sagittarius are generally cheerful and optimistic and this is an important factor in their health. In case of some excesses (fatigue, food) their sensitive organs are the liver, pancreas, intestines and, more rarely, the lungs. Regular and balanced meals, walking and outdoor sports are of great help for them. Their “salvation” plant is sage, the sacred plant from which, in ancient times, Druids prepared “the magic potion”. Sage infusion regulates blood circulation, helps the liver and kidneys. A very good effect on their health is that of the sage wine (two, three handfuls of plant for a litre of wine, let to macerate for 12 days) – is to be drunk in one small glass, after lunch. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.

Even though the Capricorns are tempted to complain of various health problems, even though they make major worries for unimportant events, they live a long life and have a very good vitality. Their practical spirit, tenacity and perseverance always help them overcome physical imbalances, caused by poor sleep or too frugal meals. They are more interested in intellectual activities than in physical ones, but nature always gives them great energy. If they secretly dream for a little cottage in the woods, it is because their subconscious knows what the healthiest environment for them is. Their sensitive organs are the bones, joints, hair, nails and the knees. They do not like the cold. Their talisman is cypress plant which is a very good ant rheumatic and tonic for the veins. The sign is governed by Saturn.

Those from the Aquarius sign feel healthy and happy when they have stability. They are sensitive to the flows of energy and to the air quality. A clean environment is, for them, the best therapy. They dislike cold periods, in turn are very energetic in the sunny periods throughout the year. Also, the city bustle and noise significantly diminishes their everyday tone. They need, periodically, cures of peace and solitude. Some risks, in term of health are related to blood circulation, blood sugar, heart and legs. They may confront quite often with periods of nervousness, but they easily equilibrate, after a good rest. Poplar buds and laurel leaves can be very helpful for them. The governors of this sign are Uranus and Saturn.

Pisces natives are often dreamy and sensitive and they can lose quite quickly their vital enthusiasm and become tired, especially when it comes to physical activities. But they recover quickly, in nature, especially near the sea. They love the sea, which stimulates them physically and mentally. Not coincidentally, all the sea foods are very appreciated and beneficial for their health: seafood, fish, algae extracts, sea salt, etc… Their sensitive areas are the hands and the legs especially, respiratory system and lymphatic vessels. Talassotherapy is the best treatment for these natives and it helps them to quickly regain their vitality. Pisces are governed by Neptune and Jupiter.

Therefore it is easily observed that the order of the Universe is reflected in our physical, psychological and emotional structure, in a very precise way that can only encourage us to discover the subtle relationships and conditioning, for our own benefit and for the benefit of all people. Medical astrology shows that any imbalance manifests through a disease, and is the sign of deviation from who we truly are as human beings. Obviously, the zodiac sign under which each of us is born is not sufficient for a comprehensive approach to medical astrology. But an astrologer will know how to combine all the information so as to reach a more accurate knowledge of what we are, which is an essential condition for maintaining ourselves healthy and happy.


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