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Mundane Astrology Is Also Known As Political Astrology


Mundane astrology is the astrology of countries, and it is also called Political astrology. Believe it or not, even countries have birth-charts and many have multiple ones which are centered around significant incidences that took place there sometime in the past. The charts are subject to or interrupted by readying and understanding either a sequence of events, dates, or other important occurrences just the same as any other chart would be.

Mundane astrology is the use of astrology and how it is affected by world interactions and happenings. Its name comes from the Latin word Mundus, which means “The World.” In the past it was more widely identified as the as the study of Revolutions, which can be interpreted as meaning the study of the movements of the planets around the earth.

Mundane astrology has two principle methodologies that is it utilized for. The first is the counties themselves and the charts that they possess. These charts are interpreted just as human beings horoscopes would be. Thus a country has a horoscope that can be used to predict future events and provide guidance for significant decisions that need to be made which could and do greatly affect many parts of that countries society.

The next way mundane astrology is utilized for a country is to forecast major natural disasters and allow that country to prepare for them in advance. These include tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, drought, and famine.

Many influential world leaders are strong proponents of Mundane astrology use and place a great deal of importance on its predictions that provide leadership when difficult decisions need to be made where no other logical advice is available or sufficient. Rather you are a believer or not, it has over time been proven to be helpful in certain situations where no other practical information was on hand to help make complex assessments with.


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