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Myths During Pregnancy


If you have been pregnant or have been around a pregnant woman, most likely you got acquainted with the various myths about pregnancy – some of them funny and others bizarre. What is the origin of these myths and old words of wisdom? In the times gone by, when medical science was not yet developed, people have interpreted the realities around them by their own power. And this has lead to making various connections that today seem illogical between a woman’s pregnancy and the external conditions.

Still nowadays, usually due to the goodwill of your mother in law, you are said various myths about pregnancy and get advice without regard to reality, and which on the contrary, can really hurt you! For example: a pregnant woman needs from now on to eat for two! This statement is false: even though your mother in law wants you to eat various meats and vegetables five times a day, you should eat just as much as you need to quench your hunger! It is more important to eat qualitative and fresh food, containing all the necessary vitamins and proteins, than to eat ten times a day! Eat as much as you need and don’t use the pregnancy excuse to gorge. Remember that it’s very difficult to lose the extra pounds after that! This does not mean to abstain or, worse, to keep a diet: stay away from the stupid Hollywood fashion of the skinny mothers. You’re pregnant and it is normal to gain weight, but keep a measure in all!

Regarding the food, there are many myths in pregnancy: one would be that if you refuse you cravings, your baby will be born in a bad mood! The things that you refuse to yourself are not related to the fetus, but only to you. Another myth: if you crave many sweets, your baby will be a girl and if you crave pickles and sour dishes, it will be a boy! There is absolutely no link between the food preferences, the mother’s cravings and the sex of the child.

Regarding the sex of the baby, there are several myths during the pregnancy: if you have strong morning sickness, then it’s a girl and if you experience only slight nausea then it’s a boy! Again, completely false! The same, if you have a round belly it’s a girl and if you have a tumid belly then it’s a boy! False! If you really want to know what colors to choose for decorating the room and what name to pick, the only way is to do an ultrasound! The form of the belly doesn’t show you the position of the baby inside!

Among the various myths during pregnancy that do more harm than good, we can also mention the following: sport is dangerous! On the contrary, some exercise is extremely beneficial because it improves the blood flow, thus leading to a better irrigation of the placenta, it improves your mood and this way you also control your weight! Sure, you shouldn’t do very complicated exercises that require much strength: walking, jogging and swimming are perfect for you (although it is said that swimming wouldn’t be good, it is an extremely beneficial exercise). The best thing would be to decide with your doctor what type of exercise suits you best.

Regarding the sexual life, there are again myths during pregnancy: sex is dangerous! There are indeed situations in which the sexual intercourse may hurt, when you have bleedings or a multiple pregnancy or other complications. The doctor will surely clarify this aspect too: if the pregnancy goes well, you’re free to have sex! Of course, it’s your choice, because it might make you feel uncomfortable or not like the idea. Many prospective parents are preserved in the matter of sexual activity because they fear that this may harm the fetus and they might also touch it! But note that this is impossible, because the fetus is well protected thanks to the amniotic sac and the cervical mucus plug! This myth comes from ancient times, when it was believed that a pregnant woman has a special social status; she was somehow excluded from among the normal women and enjoyed certain privileges because a new life was growing in her: thus, sex was a taboo! But today people know that the pregnancy is a perfectly natural process (though no less amazing) and not a sign of a sacred intervention in the everyday life! However, it is maintained certain revulsion toward sex during pregnancy, with no basis in reality. It’s only up to you to form your own opinion regarding this topic!

Other myths during the pregnancy: if the baby has brown birthmarks, then you are guilty of… coffee abuse! Besides the fact that the birthmarks have absolutely nothing to do with what you consume, but with the skin pigmentation, there is also a controversy about drinking coffee: is it good or bad? Doctors have concluded that a single cup of coffee can’t harm you or your baby.

A more funny myth is the following: if you have heartburn (which, by the way, is perfectly normal) then your baby will be very… hairy! What is the connection between the heartburn and the hair of the future child, only the old “wise men” knew!

There are several other myths during the pregnancy, but you will certainly learn from your mother in law what to do and especially what NOT to do!


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