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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Nero Burning ROM – A Software That Makes The Difference


If you were to say that Nero Burning ROM is the best piece of software in the field of burning CDs, than you would do this program justice, because it’s been in this industry for decades and can do much more than just a simple burning utility or a music player.

This software is capable of burning on over 10 different CD and DVD types. If you want to go directly to the writing process, you only need to click the “Nero Express” button which is located on the lower part of the window, and it’s not as complex as Nero Burning ROM, but this also means that it will only be capable of doing the most basic of things, at a very high degree of quality, and can be used any time by people who don’t really have the technical know-how necessary for the process. This product managed to exceed, by a great distance along the years, the entire chain of competition because it excels from any point of view. Surprisingly, perhaps even to users of this program, is that it can do much more than its own name gives it credit.

For the most important and notable characteristics, we have the capacity to write mp3 formats, Nero Digital or WAV, along many others and is capable of reading the most popular formats used by the musical industry without a problem, from WMA to AAC. More than this, it can convert different formats in MP3, M4A/MP4 (similar to AAC), WMA, FLAC, OGG. Other audio capacities include the ability to edit and record sounds and edit and mix different styles of music pretty easily, especially for somebody who isn’t familiar with this software. Nero Burning ROM is a very direct program which supports both DVDs and CDs.

To be able to burn information, all you need to do is drag and drop the necessary files and simply click the burn button. One of the biggest advantages of Nero is that it can write CDs and DVDs in ISO format and has the possibility to back up your data with a bit of help. Besides the writing and musical playback functionalities, Nero Burning ROM can also be used to edit pictures, it can help you create slideshows with both images and audio tracks, as well as with other information incorporated in it. This soft has the capacity to burn unencrypted DVDs, convert video files and record after the TV if you have an incorporated TV tuner.

From an ease of use point of view, this soft is very accessible, having a very intuitive menu with all the options in plain sight. The majority of tools are located in the SmartStart window, and the others are put in a very organized fashion on the left side of the screen. All you need to do to launch Nero Burning Room is click one of the categories in plain sight and follow the onscreen instructions. The entire burning process is so simple that any used that hadn’t ever written a CD or DVD will manage. When it comes to installing, the program is very intuitive, the only inconvenience being that it’s of rather big dimensions and the installation process is pretty long (depending on your pc, it usually takes about 15 min).

When it comes to technical support, NBR includes a guide for the user that’s very big and complex where you can find an answer to any of your questions, and online you can easily find a very big number of tutorials, FAQ answers and forums that offer very coincise solutions.

This program is one of the oldest of its kind, but, despite this, it continues to evolve and expand, making itself more attractive with each passing year in such a way that, from a simple CD writer it became a very advanced media manager. The optical format options that this program has are:

  • CD-ROM – CD-ROM (ISO), Audio CD, Mixed Mode CD, CD Extra, CD Copy, CD-ROM (Boot), CD-ROM (UDF), CD-ROM (UDF/ISO), CD-ROM (SecurDisc), Nero DiscSpan (UDF)
  • DVD-ROM – DVD-ROM (ISO), DVD Copy, DVD-Video, AVCHD(TM) video, DVD-ROM (Boot), DVD-ROM (UDF), DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO), DVD-ROM (SecureDisc). Nero DiscSpan (UDF).
  • Blu-ray – Blu-ray (ISO), Blu-ray (UDF), BDMV-Video, AVCHD(TM) video, Blu-ray (SecureDisc), Nero DiscSpan (UDF).


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