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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

We all think about development, both professionally and personally. But how can we deal, for example, with the changes that are unprecedented? Every day we have moments when we feel that we plunge into all sorts of complexities, and the more we learn, the more we realize that we have actually even more to discover.

We could do this through courses, seminars or trainings. But it would be much easier if we would only look within ourselves to discover our own resources, solutions and ideas. Maybe you cant believe this thing, but people are not motivated by others, but by themselves.

As we said above, the solution is in us, in our ability of remaining calm, of learning from every situation, from every man. The most famous trial, which is based on the development of each individual, is seen as a unique pattern, having as a goal the development on both professional and personal levels. That is Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Taking each term, the explanation is more extensive.

Programming because during life, man is based on the search and implementation of the strategies, like a computer that uses a program, an algorithm to solve a requirement. Man has free will, fact which distinguishes him from an animal; he actually has the possibility to choose whether to make a change in his life or stagnate. He can reprogram his conscience for potential improvement.

Neuro comes from the process of consciousness itself, which helps finding the results revealed after the actions. As we said above, success in business is actually in us.

Linguistic because the language represents us most; it is very simple, we say what we think and what we do. The ability to communicate is the main strength both in business and interpersonal relationships.

In short, Neuro-Linguistic Programming represents the discovery of thinking, language and behavior that can bring us the best strategy in starting a business. A good manager, leader, must know how to guide, to inspire. In business is very important to have strategies in everything we do. Neuro-Linguistic Programming comes actually to help both entrepreneurs and regular people to realize what they have to do. And more than that, it helps us to develop our reasoning more correctly. Neuro-Linguistic Programming has as derivatives the emotional, spiritual and visual intelligence and human resource development.

Lets take for example business communication. It is well known that professional success is based largely on communication. It is more important to say what matters than to say what we think. After the first failures in business communication you begin to wonder how to fix this. Well, in order to influence the communication you must have a compelling language, to train the heart of the one who listens. That is because what differentiates the best leaders from the middle level ones is actually the quality of the business communications. Also the more you have a richer language then the less will matter your previous experience in communication.

What Neuro-Linguistic Programming had discovered regarding business communication is that the most talented speakers use a language that inspires both trust and understanding.

Perhaps you have been told many times that you can not make yourself understood because you do not speak the same language. This is because the means of communication you use are not the same with the other party. What you say is actually the expression of the way in which you think things. If you have a visual thinking you tend to give answers like "yes, of course I made a picture of the report" or "I see what you try to explain!" Instead, if you have a hearing thinking, your feedback will be: "sounds good this proposal" or "this negotiation tells me something, And if you have an experience based on feelings, the reaction will be: "I am very moved by what was discussed at the meeting this morning" or "I feel that something will go well this week!" The same thing happens with the language of taste or smell. We form verbal tics like "That thing that happened left me a bitter taste".

In short, business communication is based on a rich language. This will give you involvement and you will also seem more motivated. Of course you cant know what type of thinking has your interlocutor and that is way it is important to address the eyes, ears and senses. Meanwhile you can to practice on your co-workers, listening to them, and identifying their type of thinking!

In conclusion, we all want to develop ourselves fast and accurate! For this we need, in the business environment, the capacity of overcoming the ambiguities and uncertain moments. We also need to find strategies as quickly and as correctly as possible in order for us to take risks and responsibilities that will fall upon our own destiny.

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