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New York  City Attractions

New York is the largest U.S. city and is considered to be the most important city in the world. It has an almost blinding brilliance, because of the night lights from Times Square.

Despite its immensity, the congestion and intense traffic, this city is pleasant and even fascinating. New York is the city of the curious and fiery tourists.

You can visit as many places here as in the cities with much more history and tradition, because New York hosts dozens of museums and art galleries. The most expensive in its history is MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, Street 53), with one of the exhibitions that presents in the audiovisual form the creations of the architect Yoshio Taniguchi, who designed the new configuration of MoMA.

But the best known museums in New York remain the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, both on Fifth Avenue, near Central Park. Also called The Aztec Empire, the first museum houses the latest and most comprehensive exhibition of Aztec art and culture ever assembled outside of Mexico. The second offers a whole exhibition dedicated to Chinese culture – more than 300 art objects, the most beautiful sculptures from the beginning of Buddhism in China.

Art lovers can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, dedicated to Latin American painters (El Museo del Barrio – also on Fifth Avenue), or Whitney Museum of American Art on Madison Avenue. Frick Museum is located in a mansion in the French style of the eighteenth century and contains collections of art (most of them from Europe) of the painters: Rembrandt, Titian, El Greco, Goya, Bellini, etc.

The American Museum of Natural History has 36 million of items, from moon rocks to Brazilian topaz, with the Hall of Biodiversity or diorama of animals and of village life. The Hayden Planetarium is the largest and most powerful virtual reality simulator in the world, offering visitors a journey through the Milky Way.

Rockefeller Center, considered one of the architectural jewels of New York, a kind of a town in a town ", named after the famous billionaire, is in fact a complex that includes art exhibitions, an underground mall, a famous skating and the NBC network television headquarter. Visited annually by 500,000 tourists, Rockefeller Center includes more than 100 famous works of art. Near it you can see the highest skyscraper in New York: the Empire State Building; every year, 3.6 million people go up to the 86th floor of the building. Here is the roof on which was filmed the meeting between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the movie White Nights in Seattle. Tourists love the image of New York seen from the floor 86, and they can admire the city from one of the two restaurants or from the sushi bar located on the roof.

Tourists are drawn to Central Park and the city's financial district, Wall Street. One of the most famous bridges of the city is Brooklyn Bridge, with its view: it is New York's image as it appears in the movies with lots of light and color.

Chinatown, Times Square, Immigration Museum and Botanical Garden are the major tourist attractions that New York has to offer. The Statue of Liberty (the emblem of the United States) is no longer open to visitors after the events that took place on 11 September 2001, when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed.

Shopping is a very popular activity in this city, which is distinguished by the company policy – the image of the client kings is applied here. Being a customer, here you can feel like a king or a queen. You can usually take back any purchased product (within 30 days), with the condition to have the receipt without being damaged. In some stores you have the chance to buy a product at lower price even if in fact you havent purchased it on sales. Ann Taylor Stores apply this policy.

Tourists visit Bloomigdale's, a complex which gathers the stores of fashion designers, from Calvin Klein to Kenneth Cole or from Gucci to Armani. Other places for shopping are Ann Taylor, Macy's, Marshall's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gap, Barnie or Bergdorf Goodman. Most of them are on the main thoroughfare: the Fifth Avenue.

One of the most beautiful jazz clubs is Iridium, situated on Broadway, and the Blue Note Master, where you can listen to famous singers such as Cassandra Wilson. Among the favorite clubs, Webster Hall, famous for dance music, and Crobar, known by the famous DJs that mix there, are places of entertainment for tourists.

Broadway shows lovers have dozens of theaters in which they can see dramas for all tastes, performances of stand-up comedy (American comedy shows held by a single person such as those from Seinfeld) and also have the chance to see famous actors evolving on the (such as Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg).

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