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Pack Your Pets And Go Camping!

It has finally become normal for pets to go camping with their human companions. Although you may not see many pets around camping sites for the time being, you are probably going to start to see more of this in the future.

Starting off in Oregon, many other state and national parks are hoping that this will turn into something that will spread throughout the camping sites in the United States. Reservations have already been taken for the start of these pet-friendly sites, even though these 21 sites will not officially open as being pet-friendly until January 2012. These sites are available on the Oregon coast, western Oregon, and near the Cascades region.

Park authorities in Oregon introduced this new plan due to feedback as many people were eager to have this particular opportunity available to them. This is a complete turn around as all pets were, at one point, seen as a nuisance at some camping grounds.

This is also good news for owners of cats. At one time, only a handful of camping sites were allowed to have pets, and these pets could only be dogs. Beginning next year, more than 20 sites will be available to both dogs and cats. The advantage of this new rule is that pet owners no longer have to find places for their pets to stay at or pay for their pets to go into boarding centers. They can now take them with them whenever they go camping.

For those who just can't live without their pet pooch or little kitten, there is a $10.00 non-refundable fee per pet. This amount is not included in the regular campground fee. A maximum of 2 pets are allowed to stay over per night. Pet-loving camping enthusiasts can call the Reservations Northwest line at (800) 452-5687 for more information.

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