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Pisces Zodiac Sign

If you are born between February 19 and March 20, then you are classified as Pisces in the zodiac signs. 

General characteristic of Pisces zodiac sign: positive, devoted
Defining element of the Pisces zodiac sign: Water
Quality of the Pisces zodiac sign: mutable sign (flexibility)
Ruling planet: Neptune.
Lucky numbers: 5, 9
Astral colors: white, purplish, bluish green
Astral gemstones: ruby, white diamond
Characteristic metal for Pisces: tin
Best day for Pisces: Thursday
Best places for Pisces: big cities
Representative verb: to believe

Compatibilities between Pisces and other signs

great compatibility with the following zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio
reduced compatibility with the following zodiac signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
very good professional compatibility with the sign: Sagittarius
very good emotional compatibility with the sign: Gemini
very good financial compatibility with the sign: Aries
very good compatibility for marriage and/or partnerships with the sign: Virgo
very good compatibility for creative projects with the sign: Cancer
very good spiritual compatibility with the signs: Scorpio, Aquarius

The personality of the Pisces zodiac sign:

The main positive features of Pisces are their sensitivity, paranormal capacities, altruism and their capacity of understanding other. Their deepest desire is the spiritual illumination. The main weaknesses of the Pisces native are: pessimism and preference for bad entourages.

The native of Pisces is sympathetic and friendly, a dreamer with a complex personality. He sometimes finds it difficult to be practical. The Pisces native is sensitive, impressionable, comfortable, genial and sociable, modest, willing to sacrifice for others and he also has lots of humor.

Their rich fantasies make them be dreamers. The native of Pisces understands very well the people surrounding him and thus can get out of critical situations. He is very brave and he fulfills his obligations conscientiously and on time. Professionally, he is an exceptional employee that gladly allows the others to order. He intuits his weaknesses and sometimes he is too secretive and therefore he tends to retreat into his own world. He may also be attracted to drugs and that can lead to damage.

Regarding their health, the Pisces natives are prone to infections and diseases of the legs, especially of the ankles. Their intestines are also susceptible. Soul shocks can lead to depression and physical disorders.

In his love relationships, the native is gentle, kind and very romantic. He needs love and tenderness, and without them he feels completely lost.

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