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Pregnancies That Require Special Care


There are certain pregnancies that require special care and a greater caution from the future moms. But even if your pregnancy is at high risk, it is recommended against worrying constantly and having black thoughts – as they affect your mental state, but also your physics and it could harm the unborn baby. Enjoy this unique period of your life, informing and taking at the same time all the recommended measures. The pregnancies that require special care are those of women suffering from certain physiological conditions, as well as a pregnancy with twins or a multiple pregnancy – even if the future mother is perfectly healthy. If you get informed on your condition, if you listen to your doctor’s advices and recommendations, you have all chances to enjoy of a beautiful and healthy baby (or more) very soon.

Pregnancies that require special care:

  1. Twins or multiple pregnancies – when you are happy to be gifted with twins or with a multiple pregnancy, you should pay more attention to care and rest. There are risks for both your health as well as for your little one’s health. For the babies, there is an increased risk of poor development and premature birth and for the mother there is the risk of diabetes and hypertension. What special care does a pregnancy with twins or a multiple pregnancy require: more attention to diet and increased amounts of vitamins and minerals consumed daily; a careful control of your body weight – effective control of weight gain; an adequate liquid intake to avoid dehydration; avoidance of hot baths, avoidance of any type of exercise – even if in a normal pregnancy exercise is recommended, you will have to be more cautious and do not do any sports; and the most important aspect is to keep communicating with your doctor, tell him/her when you have any discomforts and listen to his/her advice carefully.
    2. Pregnancy and diabetes. Among the pregnancies that require special care, is also the pregnancy of the women with diabetes. Especially during the first two months of pregnancy, it is necessary to be very cautious with blood sugar level, because at this time the vital organs of the baby develop and too high or too low blood sugar levels can affect the development and sometimes lead to miscarriages. What special care needs a pregnant woman who suffers from diabetes? If you know that you suffer from this condition before getting pregnant, it is very important to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Schedule the pregnancy, because you have to control your glucose levels closely, even before conception, with six months in advance. It is equally important to carefully control your blood sugar levels throughout the pregnancy and make sure it is stable. You must watch your diet and ask to your doctor for a list of foods you should avoid. You must maintain a close contact with your doctor and go to several medical consults throughout the pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. If you treat the disease with oral anti-diabetic agents, you have to pass on insulin, in order to avoid the risk of fetal malformations.
    3. Pregnancy and anemia. If you are anemic and have iron deficiency in your body, you have to pay more attention to your care once you became pregnant. The need for iron increases and getting enough iron in the body is vital to the harmonious development of the baby. Anemia may be accompanied by nausea and a low body weight – and they affect the evolution of pregnancy so it would be very good to keep a strict control of your body weight, put on a few extra kilograms and take some extra rest. What kind of special care needs an anemic woman who gets pregnant? First, a nutritious and healthy diet and weight control. Second, taking vitamin and mineral supplements (in addition to the consumed food) and especially some iron supplements – depending on the doctor’s prescription.
    4. Pregnancy and asthma. In general, women with asthma have a normal evolution of the pregnancy, but it is, however, one of the pregnancies that need special care. If you take care, asthma does not impede the normal evolution of the pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. However, without treatment, asthma can cause difficulties to the expectant mother, as well as to the fetus: low body weight, poor growth, premature birth, birth difficulties. The mother may face more frequent feelings of nausea and dizziness, hypertension and preeclampsia. What special care needs a pregnant women suffering from asthma? Do not stop the treatment! Choose the inhaled drugs and use lower doses, according to the doctor’s advice, but under no circumstances stop the treatment. Avoid heavy physical effort, strong odors and smoke, cold temperatures and crowded places (in order to avoid contacting a virus). You will go to regular medical consults which will include lung consults, to see how the disease and pregnancy evolve. If the respiratory crises intensify, you must immediately see the doctor (an intense crisis stops the transmission of oxygen to the fetus).


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