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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Pregnancy And Diet


Pregnancy and diets do not work together and should never be combined! As long as we talk about restrictive diets that require dietary limitations, a pregnant woman should never use this method to stop the weight gain. You should know and remember that it is normal to accumulate a considerable amount of weight during pregnancy. It is not unusual, bad or ugly – it is natural and should be considered the harmonious fulfillment of women.

When can we talk about pregnancy and diets

A pregnant woman can have a diet only and only when it comes about a healthy and rational diet, made up together with her doctor or even a nutritionist – because they know best what foods to eat and in what quantities as well. Such a healthy diet should not impose significant restrictions, but should represent a healthy diet.

Thus, a diet during pregnancy may consist of large amounts of fruits and vegetables consumed several times a day that could replace other less healthy snacks rich in fat: cakes, chocolate, ice cream.

Similarly, we can talk about pregnancy and diet meaning when saying that it is good for pregnant women to avoid fatty foods, fried and fast foods and replace them with barbecue and steaks: fish, chicken, beef. All these combined with light and flexible exercise also recommended by the physician (swimming, walking, special aerobics for pregnant women) are good for the body, improve your mood and control the accumulation of weight in excess.

What not to do when you’re pregnant

But controlling in excess your normal cravings and stopping from eating when you feel hungry is not recommended during pregnancy, damaging your health, and the one of your child. Some women use inappropriate methods to quell their cravings and hunger: they drink plenty of water to feel their stomach full, they “trick” it with special teas for cutting the appetite – habits which harm both the expectant the mother and her baby! Give your body what it asks for, because it knows better! If you often refuse food, you stop feeding your baby! This does not mean that if you crave for chocolate cake ten times a day, you should eat it every time – but you can replace fat snacks with sweet snacks full of calories, but healthy: fruits, fruit salad with a little cream, natural jams, cereal biscuits with chocolate chips – they are delicious!

Pregnancy and restrictive diets should not exist together, as you should not avoid foods rich in protein, vitamins and fibres and you should not reduce the number of meals during pregnancy. Make sure that both you and your baby get the full requirements of nutrients for a natural and harmonious development and a normal evolution of pregnancy. There have been unfortunate cases of difficulties in pregnancy or anaemia of the newborn baby caused by restrictive diets chosen by the young mothers.

In particular, even if you feel like being enormous and you feel that you have lost your figure forever, remember that it’s only a part of your life and all the gained weight will be “fixed” after you ensure that you have a healthy and happy baby! Do not force your body with any difficult or tiring exercises and especially do not torment yourself, squeezing intp tight clothing or corsets, just to look thin! A pregnant woman is very beautiful and shines, but only when she accepts her body with all its changes and she is happy!

Why do some pregnant women resort to dieting?

When did women start having such habits? Since the media has started to worship and praise the stars, those beautiful and thin women that seem not to have gained any extra weight during pregnancy! Just a perfect belly, nothing more! But it is neither normal nor healthy to imitate what these women do, for whom physical beauty and pride are more valuable than the health of their baby! A woman should realize that she cannot afford all facilities those stars have and especially should realize that the sacrifices made by these women to keep their figure is enormous and is not worth it! They force their body to the limit to stay attractive by dieting, ingesting pills and slimming teas and doing strenuous exercise – which is real madness during pregnancy!

But the worst is that women around the world can get to combine pregnancy and diets because of these famous women, while the latter are actually cheating! There are surrogate mothers kept secret: stars show off their perfect body and false round belly, while another woman is paid to carry out the real task and these women give birth to the children. There have been various scandals linked to this immoral secret practice: in fact, these beautiful women lie the world, wanting to prove at all costs that they are perfect even when carrying a baby in the womb! So normal women are fooled by the illusion of the false beauty of the stars and resort to these dangerous methods to demonstrate that they can look good too during pregnancy! But as it has been said, the really beautiful pregnant woman is the one who feels fulfilled and that radiates happiness! So forget about that diet!


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