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Friday, June 14, 2024

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Pregnancy: Did You Know That….?


Pregnancy– did you know that from 3 pieces advice you receive as a future to be mother, at least one of them is not true? There are loads of myths, ancient advice, sayings and lies in which implies a woman’s pregnancy, and once you will be expecting a baby, at least one person will be starting to throw with false information towards you, as so-called good advice for when you are going to be a mother! Therefore, let’s start with talking about various false information in which implies the possibility of getting pregnant.

Did you know that you get pregnant right after the first sexual contact, when you were still a virgin? Well, there are many chances for sure, because you’re much fertile at a younger age. From the same category, did you know that you have the best chances of getting pregnant right in the middle of your menstruation days? Many young women are relying on the untrue fact that during this period it’s safe to have sex without wearing any kind of protection. But the fertility period is the best during these times, so you must be very careful and not wake up in the morning that you are expecting.

Did you know that the sexual position you try has no importance in which implies the tentative of getting pregnant? Not even the place! You can get pregnant both having sex from standing up or inside water. There is a lot of sperm that gets wasted each time, but only a few courageous ones are needed to get this job done! Also, you could make a baby even if your partner is not ejaculating inside you, because the seminal liquid resulting from the lubrication contains many small spermatozoids which will make you happy in a few weeks.

Did you know that the intense morning sickness from the first trimester is not showing anyhow that you will be expecting a baby girl? That is one of those ancient and full of wisdom sayings, without any possible connection to the reality! The morning sickness and its intensity are connected to the hormonal activity, which is different for every pregnant woman.

Did you know that it is not necessary to eat for both, no matter how much people around you are suggesting that? It is important not how much you eat, but what you eat, and is more healthy for the baby and for your body if you eat for a several times a day, in small quantities, than to eat for two times a day until you start feeling you’re going to explode. The digestion will be this way realized and you will be assuring the proteins and vitamins the baby needs. And again, it’s not true that if you wish to eat something you must eat it no matter what, or the baby will get born wearing that sign on his skin. If it will be like that, probably all babies in this world would have ice creams tattooed on their buttocks.

Did you know it is recommended to do sports? The old women will tell you perhaps that if you start with the sports, you’ll be doing bad things to your baby, but that is not true. Ask your medic for advice. You can make yourself a gymnastic program, or yoga, or swimming, or even easier than that you can walk very often- the best exercise.

Another one coming from our grandmother’s wisdom: the same as during our menstruation period, during the pregnancy period, you must avoid long baths! The only true thing is to avoid the hot long baths, because hot water will lead to the decreasing of arterial tension, but otherwise, feel free to enjoy a long time spent inside a bubble bath, with aromatic candles and sparkly water!

Did you know that having sex won’t damage the baby in any possible way, and it can be extremely satisfactory? Long time ago it was considered that the pregnant women must remain untouched, because they were experiencing a special condition, and also because they were thinking that the penis could push the baby’s head. Today sex in some comfortable positions is even recommended, because it will enlighten both parents’ disposition and the mother will be reminded that she is still a woman and can still feel pleasure of that kind. An interesting thing: it’s being said that if you’re having sex near your term, you are actually hurrying the baby’s arrival. This has never been proved but it clearly shows that sex becomes a risk only when the future mother has health problems- but be sure that the doctor will advise you well!

Did you know that you are actually allowed to consume a cup of coffee a day and, from time to time, even a glass of wine? There’s no need for the pregnant woman to refuse herself many things, because this could affect her spirit and provoke her sadness and depression. What is a risk indeed is the number of women fighting against depression during pregnancy periods. So, if your small pleasure is a small cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of red wine during a romantic evening with your husband once a month, don’t stop! Unfortunately, for the smokers is not that simple. You should definitely quit during pregnancy! The toxins a cigar contains are passing thorough the placenta and reaching the baby, affecting its conditions. Many women say they have smoked a cigarette or two during their pregnancy, a day, and the baby had nothing to suffer from, but the question is, are you really willing to risk that?

Did you know that some of your grandmother’s advice are true, though? For example, it’s been said, that during every pregnancy, the woman loses a tooth. What is actually true: the pregnancy is determining calcium loss from dentition and bones, therefore, if you didn’t have inside your organism a strong reserve of calcium, you will be confronting indeed with the risk of losing a tooth or two. That’s why is very important that the pregnant woman should have a strong alimentation before getting pregnant, and to eat food supplements during the pregnancy.

Did you know that if the future mother is younger, the risk of experimenting depression is higher? That happens because the young women can feel unprepared of having a baby, or they might encounter some regrets caused by the things they’ve given away for keeping the baby: studies, career, distraction, smoking, etc. The only ways of avoiding these depressions are the partner’s support, the relative’s support and focusing on other interesting activities that could compensate the old ones, and also fill that free time with something important and nice. That’s why having sex and doing daily exercise is required.

And last, but not least, did you know that getting pregnant is the most wonderful thing that could happen to any of us?


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